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Guild Wars 2 Mesmer Builds Guide – Dungeons, PvE, PvP and WvW

The Mesmer is a powerful and highly influential profession in Guild Wars 2.

Who wouldn’t want to have a bag filled with tricks that could make your enemies go insane? The Mesmer tends to do exactly that, and with more than just a bag.

In this guide we’ll go over various builds for different game types, using the builder. Do note that armor and items are NOT covered in this build.

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Mesmer Dungeon Builds

Life is a Mantra:

This is a dungeon build that uses the Mesmer’s Mantras for achieving almost everything. The Mantras allow for a combination of different effects that can be both aggressive and defensive. Hence, this build provides good survivability to the Mesmer.

Sword and Pistol gives a good mix of Illusions and Phantasms to play with, and are further buffed with the traits that have been used.

Most of the points are being invested in Domination to maximize the effectiveness of the clones and Shatter skills, and to enhance the usage of Mantras.

In Dueling, we are once again utilizing the Mantra aspect of the builds, and Inspiration traits are more defense focused.

Balanced Mastery:

This is a relatively balanced test build that utilizes all major traits of the Mesmer.

Though Greatsword has been chosen as the secondary weapon in this build, you might want to consider using it as your main weapon, since the traits have been selected to increase its damage.

We’re taking a fine mix of offensive and defensive spells in the Utility Skills for the Mesmer. However, it is your main weapon skills that should do the most damage, and also your Cloning ability.

Because of these two targeted offensive abilities, we will select traits that maximize the effectiveness of Clones. For that, we have invested 20 points in Dueling and 10 in Chaos. These will ensure that there is enough Cloning going on at critical situations to not have you over-worried.

Additionally, Inspiration takes traits that give utility buffs to your Phantasm and you.

Illusive Domination:

This is an illusion-based build that takes use of cloning for tricking and defeating enemies.

The Utility skills have been chosen to give you an additional bit of clones and defensive abilities to play around with, and to grant you the Elite skill Mass Invisibility which can really turn a fight around.

For traits, we’re once again maxing Domination, this time to enhance clones, the Greatsword, and also the Torch abilities which can prove very useful.

Similarly, Illusions has twenty points invested to increase your effectiveness when using them.

Mesmer PvE Builds

Phantasm Lord:

This build utilizes phantasms and clones. The main damage source is the mix of phantasms you will get with the weapon set that has been chosen, and the usage of clones for increased domination in the battlefield and for forcing miss-focus.

The Utility skills contain a mix of abilities, of which your two main are the Clone and the Phantasmal Defender. Apart from that, the Signet is there to recharge your skills immediately for some good successive usage. The Elite skill is an interesting skill that should distil the most threatening foe.

For traits, we are investing points to maximize the strength of the Phantasms, plus give the Mesmer a bit of defensive aspects as well.

The good thing about this build is that it gives you tons of conditions to play with. In fact, apart from Immobilize and Fear, you have just about every condition to your disposal.

Glamorous Confusion:

This build focuses on the massive amount of condition damage you get with the Staff and the utilization of glamor and confusion. This build has the versatility to be both a support and an offensive type build, though the former is more suitable because of the lack of real burst and aggression damage.

The Utility skills have been chosen in a manner that would suit the supportive aspect, using Glamor skills for some good offensive/defensive effectiveness. The Elite skill also serves a vital speed-buff purpose that compliments the selfless aspect of the build.

For traits, we’re taking everything we can that will increase the effectiveness of Glamor skills and to increase the properties of Confuse. Therefore, we’re maxing out the Illusions tree, while taking even number of points in Dueling and Inspiration to increase the strength of our Glamor and Illusion skills.

Mesmer PvP Builds

Mesmer of Strength:

This is an offensive and straightforward Mesmer build that uses Mantras for various effects and primarily the weapon skills for damage.

This type of Mesmer relies mostly on flat power and precision for damage, while still retaining the witty illusions and phantasms to confuse your foes and maintain domination.

The Utility skills are very self-explanatory here; much like the ones used in the Life is a Mantra build. For traits, the Domination tree is also exactly the same – it is only the dueling that has changed.

In Dueling tree-line, we’re taking traits that will buff your Mantras, increase damage from weapons, and also give a bit of defense. In Inspiration we are taking another defensive trait to remove conditions while healing.

Mesmer of all Trades:

This is a versatile build for the Mesmer that uses the Greatsword and Staff. The staff grants a huge amount of conditions, while the Greatsword gives a decent variety of skills.

This build uses various attributes of the Mesmer profession. We have illusions, clones, and glamor skill to avail. Playing this build can be a little difficult though, because the amount of thinking and strategy-making required for such a versatile Mesmer becomes a little too hefty.

However, if one can manage to do that, this build can be very rewarding. The trait points in the build are also distributed more-or-less evenly, with traits that give bonuses to Illusions, Phantasms, Cloning, and more.

Mesmer WvW Builds

Support Mesmer:

This is a support build for the Mesmer in WvW games. Since the Mesmer has no true healing abilities, it is best played as an offensive controlling support. Thus, we use the Staff, which has the most conditions possible.

In Utility skills, we’re using Glamor skills to give allies a good mixture of unorthodox defense that comes in the form of illusions, invisibility, and also portals! The core part of this build is the usage of portals for transporting allies from one place to another, or transporting them from a dangerous zone to a relatively safer region.

The obvious Elite skill choice here would be Time Warp, and that’s why it’s been chosen.

For traits, take everything that will give you some good defense, and also utility based traits that will enhance the effectiveness of Glamor skills. That’s why Chaos trait-line has been maxed out alongside Inspiration, which should also give you some good Vitality and Toughness.

Mass Transportation:

This is a support/offensive hybrid build for the Mesmer, and may be considered by many the ideal way to play the class in WvW games. The idea of the build is to provide with a large amount of controlling abilities that make your presence felt both in the team and by the enemy.

The Focus’s abilities are the key in this type of build, because they offer a good amount of support and also a powerful offensive/defensive phantasm.

For Utility skills, we’re taking some additional defensive and influential skills that would aid your team greatly in battles. Again, the portal plays an extremely essential role in saving and transporting your allies.

The traits of this build are almost exactly like the ones of the Support Mesmer build, except that different traits have been chosen in Chaos.