Guild Wars 2 Huntsman Crafting Guide – Recipes, Refinement and Sigils

If you want ranged weapons, Huntsman is the crafting discipline you should opt for. A Huntsman will be able to craft weapons like short bows, longbows, pistols, rifles, and harpoon guns along with torches and war horns.

For a run-down on crafting in Guild Wars 2, read our Crafting Guide.

Primarily, a Huntsman is useful to warriors, engineers, thieves and rangers but the items crafted by this discipline are useful for all the professions except for Elementalist.

Apart from bows and guns, torches can be used to burn down the enemies. As far as the basic materials are concerned, Huntsman usually relies on metal (bronze, iron and steel) and wood pieces to craft various items. The methodology of crafting is no different than the “Artificer” or “Armorsmith.”

Like any other profession, if you want to be a Huntsman, you will have to go see a Master trainer for it, who train you in the particular crafting discipline. You can find them in the following places:

  • Seilg (The Grove)
  • Jraogh (Lion’s Arch)
  • Gambil (Divinity’s Reach)
  • Hejj (Rata Sum)
  • Vauldis Grawlbutcher (The Black Citadel)
  • Gudrid (Hoelbrak)

Guild Wars 2 – Huntsman Inscriptions
You can use them in crafting weapons, and they will give specific bonus attributes of the crafted items. Examples are:

General Recipe (Basic): 1x Wood Dowel + 3x Fine Crafting Materials
General Recipe (Plated): 1x Metal Plated Dowel + 8x Fine Crafting Materials

Guild Wars 2 – Material Refinement
All the materials you gather during your adventure in Guild Wars 2 cannot be used directly in crafting. You need to refine them before use. A Huntsman can refine materials as following:

Leather Square

  • Variations (6)
  • Materials (2x Leather Sections)


  • Variations (3)
  • Materials (2x Ore)

Alloyed Ingot

  • Variations (3)
  • Materials (2x Ore)

Wood Plank

  • Variations (6)
  • Materials (2x Wood Log)

Wood Dowel

  • Variations (6)
  • Materials (1x Wood Plank)

Plated Dowel

  • Variations (6)
  • Materials (1x Wood Plank + 3x Ingots)

Guild Wars 2 – Huntsman Sigils
Once you have crafted the weapons of your liking, you can upgrade them using Sigils. These upgrades improve critical hits, and attribute bonuses as kill more and more enemies.

Generally, each Huntsman Sigil will require you to mix Ingto with some rare crafting material. You can have various benefits depending on the materials you mixed.

Guild Wars 2 – Huntsman Recipes
Now, we know that one can mix the compatible materials on random to get different products. However, that isn’t much fruitful most of the times.

To save time, you can make use of different recipes and then craft accordingly. You may have to buy them from vendors, but once you have them, all you need is the required materials, and you can craft the particular items.

Here is a good Resource for Huntsman Recipes to craft different items and the level required for them.