Guild Wars 2: Fix For Grouping Bug Incoming

All who had pre-ordered Guild Wars 2 were to get a three day head start. ArenaNet though faced a number of problems during launch, in which a lot of players majorly complained about connectivity issues. Adding to that list of problems was a grouping bug.

The developers announced today that a patch is already being worked upon and it will be released soon.

We currently have a couple serious bugs with one of our important back end systems. This error is causing the loss of trading post, players to sometimes be separated and unable to travel to each other when switching maps and entering overflow servers, and numerous guild errors. We are very sorry for this inconvenience and are currently working around the clock to try and remedy this error.

When this bug is fixed overflow servers will keep parties together and players will be able to travel to the same overflow server as any friend or guild member who is in an overflow.

The three days head start is now over. Pretty soon a horde of people will be connecting to the server to play the game. Let’s hope ArenaNet can fix the problems plaguing the game before that happens.