Guild Wars 2 Armorsmith Crafting Guide – Recipes, Insignias and Runes

If you are playing as Guardian or a Warrior, you are going to need some heavy armor and as a craftsman, the Armorsmith discipline will let you build the armor useful for your character. You can either use these items or sell them for some hefty money.

Primarily, you will be using three materials (Bronze, Iron, Steel) to craft different items but for the lining, materials like Wool and Jute will be put into use.

For a brief run-down of crafting in Guild Wars 2, read our Crafting Guide. If you want to be an Armorsmith, you can contact any of the following NPCs:

  • Brencis (Divinity’s Reach)
  • Gwyeithwyr (The Grove)
  • Muireall (Lion’s Arch)
  • Flinj (Rata Sum)
  • Morgaah Bloodseeker (The Black Citadel)
  • Katlin Verndjes (Hoelbrak)

Apart from crafting armor pieces and runes, Armorsmiths will also craft boxes that can be used to increase the inventory slots just like the bags made by “Tailors” and “Leather Workers.”

Guild Wars 2 – Armorsmith Insignias
There are three types of Insginias; Plain, Embroidered, and Intricate. The intricate Insignia will first require you to buy the recipe from the master discipline teacher, i.e. an Armorsmith, Tailor, or Leatherworker. You can craft the items in the following ways:

Insignia: 1x Bolt + 3x Fine crafting materials
Embroidered Insignia: 1x Bolt + 5x Spool of Thread + 8x Fine Crafting Materials
Intricate Insignia: 2x Bolt + 10x Spool of thread + 15x Crafting Materials

Guild Wars 2 – Armorsmith Refinement
You will be gathering plenty of basic raw materials for gathering Guild Wars 2. Most of them cannot be used directly in crafting, and you will have to refine them before use. An Armorsmith can refine the materials as follows:

Bolt of Jute

  • Difficulty (0)
  • Materials (2x Jute Scrap)

Bronze Ingot

  • Difficulty (0)
  • Materials (10x Copper Ore + 1x Lump of Tin)

Bolt of Wool

  • Difficulty (75)
  • Materials (2x Wool Strap)

Iron Ingot

  • Difficulty (75)
  • Materials (3x Iron Ore)

Bolt of Cotton

  • Difficulty (150)
  • Materials (2x Cotton scrap)

Steel Ingot

  • Difficulty (150)
  • Materials (3x Iron Ore + 1x Lump of Coal)

Bolt of Linen

  • Difficulty (225)
  • Materials (2x Scrap of Linen)

Darksteel Ingot

  • Difficulty (225)
  • Materials (10x Platinum Ore + 1x Primordium)

Bolt of Silk

  • Difficulty (300)
  • Materials (2x Silk Scrap)

Mithril Ingot

  • Difficulty (300)
  • Materials (3x Mithril Ore)

Bolt of Gossmaer

  • Difficulty (375)
  • Materials (2x Gossamer Scrap)

Orichalcum Ingot

  • Difficulty (375)
  • Materials (3x Orichalcum Ore)

Guild Wars 2 – Armorsmith Upgrade Components
Upgrade components can be added to the armor or weapons to get some additional bonuses. In case of Armorsmith, runes are the upgrade components e.g.

Rune of Life

  • Difficulty (10)
  • Materials (2x Bronze Ingot + 1x Bolt of Jute)

Apprentice Maintenance Kit

  • Difficulty (-)
  • Materials (1x Hard Stone)

Guild Wars 2 – Armorsmith Recipes
It gets easier to craft items using recipes rather than experimenting on random. If you are looking for recipes of different items that can be crafted by an Armorsmith, check out Armorsmith Recipes Database.