Giant Mechs Make Way Into Natural Selection 2

The latest trailer for Natural Selection 2 shows us the giant Exosuits, and then make them fight giant, alien rhinos. Hooray for science!

Upcoming NS2 is all about the brutal combat, with a large variety of playable aliens and humans with mad arsenals of weapons.

Turrets, hives, disembodied command staff? It definitely had the works, but it was still missing something. Then, one day in the dev studio, someone knocked themselves on the head and cried out “Giant Mechs! Of course!” (Note, this may be a dramatisation). And that is how we wound up with this delicious little trailer:

Meet the Exosuit, a rompin’, stompin’ mech suit with the biggest guns around. As standard, you get a pair of chainguns to rip chunks out of your foes. And if you just can’t resist rubbing your luck in your non-mech-suited teammates faces, then you can pop open the hood and laugh maniacally as you turn your enemies into a pale, red mist.