Dota 2’s Biggest Event Yet, The International 2012 Has Begun!

With a huge prize pool of over one million dollars, the world’s top 16 teams have already started battling through the group stages in these last three days.

If you haven’t seen any games yet, don’t worry! The Main Event will start out on August 31, with all the playoffs leading up until the Grand Final, which is scheduled September 02.

The Group Stages gave us only a taste of what’s going to happen during the Main Event. They featured some very exciting and action-packed games, some passive games, and a few one-sided games (yet still fun to watch). The teams were divided into two groups; the top half qualified to the Winner’s bracket while the bottom 4 went down to the Loser’s Bracket.

This style of a double elimination tournament’s loser brackets works like a second chance to teams, when a team gets knocked out of the Winner’s Bracket, they will go to the Loser’s bracket, while if they lose in the latter, they are out of the tournament.

Teams in the Winner’s Bracket:

  • LGD (China)
  • Team DK (China)
  • Evil Geniuses (USA)
  • Zenith (Singapore)
  • Invictus Gaming (China)
  • CompLexity Gaming (USA)
  • Natus Vincere (Ukraine)
  • Orange .eSports (Malaysia)

Teams in the Loser’s Bracket:

  • Counter Logic Gaming (Sweden)
  • absolute Legends (Australia)
  • Mousesports (Europe)
  • Moscow 5 (Russia)
  • EHOME (China)
  • TongFu (China)
  • Mortal TeamWork (Europe)
  • Darer (Ukraine)

Out of these teams, LGD reigned supreme for Group A with a very dominating streak of 14 wins and no losses, while on Group B, it was Invictus Gaming that dominated it, finishing with 13 wins and only a single loss.

These games featured a wide array of strategies and hero picks: 65 heroes got picked out of the 90 hero pool so chances are that your favorite hero got played!

You’ve got two options to watch all the action, either you can watch them inside the game client, or you can watch through the live streams available. Both options will have two commentators who will be broadcasting all the plays while explaining some of the stuff that happens in case you’ve never played the game.

If you want to watch the action and don’t have a Dota 2 key, you can download the free game viewer client here. (You must install Steam first).

In case you want to watch the games through the livestreams, as well as all the information on the games and the event you can head over to the homepage.