David Cage Wants You To Play Beyond: Two Souls Only Once, Shares Why Sony Opted For New IP

One of the general laws of the gaming industry is that a critically acclaimed game that sells well is just begging for a sequel. Like any other game, sequels can range from the sublime to the ridiculous, but it’s clear that some games don’t really need a follow-up.

Heavy Rain was certainly one of these games. So it was good of Sony to let it be instead of turning it into a cash-cow and milking money out of it. Demanding a sequel may have been a sensible business move for Sony, but it opted instead to give the game’s creator, David Cage, as much leeway as he wanted in making a new title. That’s how Beyond: Two Souls came to be.

Many publishers, after the success of Heavy Rain, would have said, ‘Well, you need to do Heavy Rain 2,'” says Cage. “And we never had this conversation with Sony. They just asked me, ‘What’s next? What do you want to do?'” Unlike most creators working with AAA resources, Cage celebrates the fact that his patron has given him essentially no restrictions on Beyond: Two Souls. “I think this kind of project can only be made in complete freedom, because otherwise it’s not the same experience at all.”

Furthermore,Cage described his wish that players only experience Beyond: Two Souls a single time, and not replay it or reload saves to change their decisions. “Play it once and do not play it again!” he said. “You can play again if you want, but I think the best way to enjoy the game is to make choices and never know what would have happened.” Cage feels that because Beyond is the tale of Jodie Holmes’ life (and her life is in the player’s hands), players should abide by the rules of life and accept tragedy or success as it’s dealt to them.

One gets why he is saying this. He wants the players to stick to their decision and face the consequences. Most players yours truly included reloaded saves when they realized they had made a huge mistake and would get a shitty ending while they were playing Heavy Rain. This act of changing decisions did somewhat dampen the whole experience of the game.

Beyond: Two Souls drops in stores on in Q1 of 2013.

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