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Binding Of Issac Being Remade – Will Release For PC, Consoles, Mobiles

Indie fans should have this game on their radar. The Binding of Issac has been confirmed to be coming for the PC, Consoles and Android/iOS.

Developer Edmund McMillen gave the announcement himself and said that the game will have the same essence as that of before but will now feature more stuff than before. He also added that the game may even appear on the OUYA,

Answering more questions on FormSpring, he also talked about how he plans to not use KickStarter to fund future titles.

There’s no confirmed release date for the game so far. Edmund only hinted on a 2013 release. I’d say that the summer would be a safe bet to expect it’s arrival.

how the console version of the game might include way more stuff than the original, and why Edmund isn’t keen on using Kickstarter to fund future titles.

There’s also some tips on getting the best out of the game’s fairly sluggish flash-based engine, which is something that’s stopped me from adding to the 30+ hours I’ve put into the game. There’s no confirmed release date for the Binding of Issac remake but Edmund has penciled it in as arriving in 2013.