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Wii U To Launch November 18 According to Gaming Accessory-Maker

PDP, a gaming accessory-maker may have just leaked the Wii U release date at a GameStop managers’ conference.

Apparently, a rep from PDP was showing their company’s fall line-up at the conference and they wrapped up their presentation would be available just ahead of the Wii U’s November 18th release date. The information comes from an anonymous attendee of the conference, and a similar account of the matter was posted online later by a different attendee.

It’s strange, as the Wii U release date is not meant to be made public yet, with a presumably official announcement coming in two weeks along with the price on September 13th. It’s no surprise that the inside-industry would know the release dates, and we’ve had hints before that the Wii U would be releasing mid-November.

The mid-November Sunday release date also matches up with several of Nintendo’s other brand releases. They released both the Wii and the Gamecube on respective Sundays in November.

The 3DS XL was released on a Sunday in August. November 18th happens to be the last Sunday in November before Thanksgiving, meaning that it’s just before Black Friday and the shopping bonanza that comes with it. Seems like an ideal time to launch a major console to me.

Source: Kotaku