Somebody Has Already Managed To Hit Level 80 in Guild Wars 2

What’s more shocking, the game isn’t even out yet! It seems that players are reporting seeing a player called Surfeuze on the French servers that is already at the games maximum level cap of 80. Whilst that’s not a big deal normally in MMOs; Guild Wars 2 has only just opened up to the pre-order customers, and isn’t available to the public yet.

So, how’s he done it? Apparently Surfeuze managed this through the crafting system which grants player experience. By utilising the guild-provided materials, he burned his way through the crafting ranks as quickly as he could and is the first person to officially hit the level cap.

If someone can level that fast, then that means that so can everyone else. Does this mean that are going to limit how fast you can gain experience through crafting? Or will they leave things as they are?

Source: Massively