Plants vs. Zombies Creator Takes on Lundum Dare

The recent rounds of PopCap layoffs aren’t keeping Plants Vs. Zombies creator George Fan down, even with the crazy rumors floating around that he may not be around for the game’s sequel.

Fan joined in the ever growing Ludum Dare event this weekend and began crafting a new game based on an “evolution theme”.  When he was done, he had the Windows freeware defense title Octageddon, which he admits is somewhat familiar territory.

In Octogeddon, players must grow more limbs while evolving each one into deadlier weapons to wipe out the human race. Players evolve by collecting DNA points from defeated enemies to upgrade the amount and strength of the tentacles. Soon enough, players can look like a godzilla sized mutated monstrosity.

Where Plants Vs. Zombies allows stage progression while upgrading, Octageddon constantly kills and restarts, allowing players to upgrade after losing.

It’s definitely exciting to see Fan creating more awesome indie games again and there’s good possibility that the next “Plants vs. Zombies sized hit” could be right around the corner with Fan back on the scene.

Source: IndieGames