Mod for Dead Island Becomes Project Hell

The developers behind sleeper hit, Dead Island, have taken a popular fan-made weapon mod and used it to make their new Project Hell.

The mod in question was a simple weapon mod that added a variety of new weapons to the base game, but it seems that the studio liked the mod so much that they have their own plans for it. They’ve taken the mod (With permission, I assume) and are now working with the original modder on a full prototype that has been codenamed Project Hell.

If you flick over to the website that the company have put up for it, they describe the game as a “hack and slash game in a dark fantasy setting.”

So, what’s their basic idea? I hear that “chopping monsters frozen by magic spells using two-handed swords” might have something to do with it, and they plan to run everything on the Dead Island engine. I’m imagining a more gruesome version of TES: Skyrim, and the screenshots certainly suggest that.

Unfortunately we don’t have any additional information at the moment, but be sure that we’ll be keeping a close eye on Project Hell and will be bringing you the news as it happens.