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Madden NFL 13 Ultimate Team Makes Things Complicated With Key Packs

The Ultimate Team mode in upcoming Madden NFL 13 just had to be different, didn’t it. I’m not the biggest Madden fan, but I really can’t see the need for what EA are doing with this Key Pack stuff.

Basically, in the new Ultimate Team mode, there are these Key Packs. Now, in a surprise move, you can’t purchase these Key Packs normally; instead, they are a reward for when you complete certain in-game challenges. But you can trade these packs on the auction house.

However, you need all 38 packs so that you can get the better in-game rewards that come with having the 38 Key Packs, some of which you’ve probably traded away on the auction house so you can get the Key Packs you don’t have and ow, my head. This seems like an unnecessary complication as far as I’m concerned.

The game isn’t out until next week, but I’m already scratching my head. Presumably, I’ll just have to play it smart and not gamble away my Key Packs for Key Packs…okay this is just giving me a headache now.

How do you plan to tackle this situation? Gonna horde your packs, or play the auction house?