Guild Wars 2 Warrior Builds Guide – Dungeons, PvE, PvP and WvW

The mighty Warrior profession in Guild Wars 2 is the beacon of strength and determination.

In this guide we’ll go over various builds for this profession for different game types. The build simulator being used is

Do note that gear, sigils and amulets are NOT included in this build; the builds focus solely on the weapons, utility skills, and traits. For more help on Guild Wars 2 Warrior, read our Warrior Profession, Character Progression and Skill Points.

Warrior Dungeon Builds

Time to Go Berserk

This build focuses on aggressive gameplay with a generous amount of offensive CC. The Greatsword seems to be a fantastic choice for an aggressive Warrior, and that’s why it fits in so well for this build.

The reason Axes and Maces have been chosen is because of the high damage and CC combination you get. The Greatsword should be your main-purpose weapon, up until you’ve generated a large amount of adrenaline. Then you can switch to Axes and Maces and land Eviscerate.

In addition to that, Axes and Maces work splendidly well for some high DPS action, whereas Greatswords tend to work great in conjunction with other skills for a warrior.

Having the nature of a tank, it’s quite obvious that you’d also have something that would increase your sustenance. Because of that, Balanced Stance and Endure Pain have been selected in the Utility skills. To accompany Balanced Stance, we’ll also take the Last Stand trait.

The reason Bull’s Charge has been taken is because it can work quite effectively with Hundred Swords. We’ve taken Juggernaut as the Elite skill, but there’s always the choice of changing that to Signet of Rage if you are looking for more conventional buffs.

And ultimately we have Endure Pain. This is your golden defense skill for this build, and should only be used when the situation is dire. Make sure to keep an eye on its cool-down, and become slightly less aggressive when it isn’t up from CD.

The Controlling Tank

The tanking aspect of the warrior can be combined with CC to give both an iron defense and excellent domination in dungeon battles.

For this reason, we’re taking Mace and Shield as our primary weapon set, because the Mace offers the Pommel Bash skill. The Hammer is the secondary weapon, and is best used when situations get dire or when facing a tougher enemy (or group of enemies).

To accompany the defense-based build, we’re throwing in Mending, the ever-useful Endure Pain, a Dolyak Signet, and the Banner of Defense just for the sake of it.

Note that though banners seem to be more PvE/PvP/WvW based skills types, they can be very useful in Dungeon games to give situational defensive or offensive buffs to the Warrior.

Additionally, the Defense trait line is also being maxed out, with reasonable (and fairly standard) choices like Turtle Defense and Shield Master.

This is a very easy build to play with, and works well the CC and reasonable amount of damage.

Raging Defense

This is another defense-oriented build for the Warrior, this time taking advantage of Shouts.

Different shouts have different effects, but it’s important to understand what set of shouts to use to maintain over balance. Thus, we’re using the offensive “For Great Justice” for the buff, the defensive “Shake it off” to remove conditions, and the CC based “Fear Me!” for control.

Though Battle Standard has been chosen as the Elite skill, you might want to opt for Signet of Rage or Juggernaut instead if you feel you are lacking in damage.

The Hammer is the main weapon here for good enough reasons – it gives the ability to fight multiple foes, and is a very useful debuff and CC tool. The Axe and Shield is for the DPS type of occasions when you wish to fight single-targets or for the crippling effect that comes from ‘Throw Axe’, while retaining good defensive offense from the shield skills.

Once again, Defense has been maxed out with obvious trait choices. Merciless hammer has been taken for the additional bit of damage against CCed enemies, and Spiked Armor for preventing spikes of damage done to your character.

Tactics has been maxed out to increase the effectiveness of the Shouts. Shouts will heal too, making them fantastic defensive skills.

Warrior PVE Builds

Critical Fury

This is a pure DPS build for the Warrior, focusing on maximizing damage and critical hit chances.

The Warrior is mainly known for being tanky and having the ability to withstand immense pressure, but many actually tend to forget the profession’s prowess when it comes to weaponry.

Being equally adept at both ranged and melee weapons, it’s essential to have at least one build under your belt that would take advantage of the high-damage and multi-ranged effectiveness of the Warrior. For this reason, this build shuns away defensive traits and skills and instead focuses on making the Warrior a killing machine.

The Axe and Axe combination gives you a large variety of offensive and highly damaging skills to play with when in close range. When it comes to picking out longer-ranged enemies, the Longbow works wonders with its similar-looking but effective skills.

The traits and Elite skills also compliment the DPS nature of the build. We’re using Signets only in the Utility skills for acquiring constant passive buffs and situational active buffs. The Dolyak Signet and Healing Signet are the only two defensive ones, while the rest offensive passive and actives bonuses.

The traits revolve around maximizing critical hit chances and utilizing the use of Signets. Arms and Discipline have been maxed out for the stated reason, and Tactics has 10 points to increase the effectiveness of the Longbow.

Since this is such a risk-filled build, it’s foolish to be in the front lines with it. It’s best to let a Guardian in your team perform a hybrid tank-and-support role, while you act as the second initiator with this build.

Simply put, this build is powerful, but reckless.

Killing Machine

This is another aggressive build that focuses on maximizing damage, this time with the Greatsword.

As stated in an earlier build, the Greatsword is an excellent choice for an aggressive Warrior. The Axe and Shield is the secondary option, and it’s more or less a filler for specific situations when you need the defensive abilities from a shield and the CC from the Axe.

Though it has a lot of similarities to the ‘Critical Fury’ build, this one is specifically meant for players looking to level quickly, as Greatswords are perfect for that. Apart from that, the weapon is generally great for PvE games.

Unlike the Critical Fury build, you should have enough resources from the Greatsword to dish huge amounts of damage without the fear that comes from lacking the typical Warrior-like defense.

Once again we’re using Signets, simply because their passives are ideal for a non-caster type build. In Traits, we’re maximizing the Arms trait-line to increase critical strike chances and gain offensive utility that would passively aid us in battle.

In the Strength trait-line we’re focusing on maximizing flat damage, particularly from the Greatsword through the ‘Slashing Power’ trait.

The remaining 20 points are invested in Discipline to further increase critical strike chances and to reduce the CDs of the Signets.

This is yet another great build, but once again against tougher foes and bosses you’d rather have the Guardian initiate and take the damage, after which you should be the second initiator.

Boon Master

This build is an iconic PvE build that focuses on buffs and damage, two signature aspects of the Warrior profession.

For the damage part of the build, we’re once again opting for the Greatsword because of the weapon’s reliability, and combining it with the Longbow for added range and versatility. This, along with the mixture of Shouts and Banners, will allow the Warrior to take the role of a tank, a support, an initiator, and also a ranged juggernaut.

The healing ability we’re taking is Healing Surge for building adrenaline. For the support aspect, the two utility banners (Banner of Discipline and Banner of Strength) are being used. The “For Great Justice” shout will give fury and might to you and your team. This will provide you and your team boons that will increase the collective damage you do to enemies.

The idea here is to constantly keep one of your banners up, according to what the situational requirement is, while using the shout to increase the damage and building adrenaline to unleash damage yourself.

The Elite Battle Standard skill is there for the extra sustenance providence for your team, and to further give strength and utility buffs.

For traits, we’re taking Powerful Banners in the Strength tree to give that little bit of damage from summoning banners (which you should be doing a lot), and Slashing Power to increase the effectiveness of your Greatsword.

Arms is being maximized for increased critical hit chance and general damage, while Tactics is getting points that will further increase the effectiveness of boons and also empower your character according to the amount of activated boons you have.

Warrior PVP Builds

Speed and Power

One of the more important attributes of a melee warrior in PvP games is mobility and speed. This build is meant for those looking to be speedy, sufficiently durable, and also have a good amount of damage.

Though one wouldn’t expect a heavy-hitter profession like the Warrior to be fast, the objective here is to do the unexpected. Swiftness, along with a reasonable amount of CC, sustenance and versatility will give you a general edge against other tanky enemies, and a huge advantage over squishier foes.

For legit-enough reasons, we’re taking Axe and Warhorn as our primary weapon-set, and a Rifle for the secondary ranged offense. The main reason we’re choosing Warhorn is because of the Charge ability that comes with it, which gains Swiftness to you and allies and also removes specific conditions.

The Rifle is merely for taking out enemies from afar and to add some conditions on your foe. For the further sake of speed, we’re Frenzy to gain quickness for a short duration, along with the “I Will Avenge You!” shout, which also grants regeneration.

The presence of Signet of Rage is also quite obvious, as its active will not only grant Might and Fury, but also Swiftness.

When it comes to traits, you’ll focus on the damage and tankiness aspect of the build. The Great Fortitude trait in the Strength tree should give you some useful additional health, and Axe Mastery will improve your DPS from your primary weapon-set.

The Arms tree is once again focusing on Swiftness, along with a buff to your Rifle. Similarly, Warrior’s Spirit in the Discipline tree will further increase your speed, and Sharpened Axes gives a good adrenaline utility boost.

Bannering Brotherhood

This is a support build for the Warrior, utilizing boons from banners and utility from the Warhorn.

This build is almost by-the-book, having the obvious aspects of a basic standard Warrior support. The Axe and Warhorn combo works well because of utility buffs from the Warhorn, and the general effectiveness of Axes.

The Hammer is used because of its reliable multi-foe damaging capability, and Staggering Blow can be really useful to push enemies away from a weakened ally.

The chosen Utility skills is the core feature of the build. A variety of banners has been chosen for all sorts of situations, and should be wittily swapped depending on the circumstances.

For example, Banner of Discipline works well when allies are engaged in 1v1 fights against enemies, and Banner of Defense works best when fighting against a couple of heavy-hitting foes with ridiculous damage.

The traits selected are also obvious choices, buffing the banners as much as possible, and increasing a bit of damage and critical strike chance for you.

This is a very selfless and reliable build, and is best played by an experienced member of a PvP team.

All-Rounding Slayer

This build is an attempt to make an all-purpose Warrior that can perform the roles of tank, damage-dealer, support, and also be a crowd controller.

If you’re unsure of what to select to fulfill the needs of your team, a Warrior with such a build would be the safest choice. The Hammer and Mace & Shield combination is meant to provide with a large variety of supportive, offensive, defensive, and crowd controlling skills, and the Utility skills share a similar attribute.

Instead of banners, this All-rounder Warrior will support through shouts. The “For Great Justice!” shout should give a decent offensive buff to you and your allies, while the “Shake it Off!” shout is to remove nasty conditions.

The Dolyak Signet has been selected to give the Warrior its iconic tanky attribute, and you could really go with any one of the three Elite skills, since all seem to fit well with this build.

The traits are fairly simple – we’re utilizing traits that would enhance shouts, increase damage, and give a bit of health. In other words, we’re projecting the same ‘all-round’ aspect of the build onto the traits as well.

Warrior WvW Builds

World Tanking

This is a tank-support build for WvW games.

Because of the large-scaled nature of WvW games, it’s best to keep versatility in our build, because of which we’re using a Hammer and Rifle as the weapons. The Hammer should provide with decent damage and CC, while the Rifle should allow one to pick off enemies from a distance.

The Utility Skills are Banner-focused, meaning that you’ll be using boons to enhance the effectiveness of your team and yourself. The two banners being used are for two extreme purposes; Banner of Strength is when you want more damage, whereas Banner of Defense is ideal when you choose to tank and defend your allies.

The traits also focus on maximizing defense and health, while the Tactics trait-line attempts to enhance the bonus effect of Banners and to increase the capabilities of your allies. The 10 points in Discipline are just for the sake of it – you can choose to put it anywhere else you wish to.

Do note that this is a purely team-based build, and works best when used with a good Guardian at your side. Thus, it is best suited for organized team-play.

The Defender

This is an aggressive defense build for WvW games.

The main focus of this build is to use the Warrior as a defender, whether it is fortress walls you are defending or some other key position. Because of this nature of this build, it’ll focus on increasing the damage and tankiness of the Warrior.

The Hammer seems to be the natural choice when it comes to support and defense type builds. Hammer Shock and Staggering Blow are perfect for keeping enemies away, and Backbreaker and Fierce Blow are perfect against more intimidating invaders.

On the other hand (not literall), we have the Longbow, which is perfect for defending your keep etc. from distant invaders. The AoE damage that comes with it is super-effective and the Tactics trait-line make the weapon even more useful.

The Utility skills are built around increasing damage. The Kick ability is to get rid of enemies trying to make a gap into whatever you are defending.

The trait-lines are meant to enhance the effectiveness of the Hammer and Longbow, with Defense and Tactics maximized. Furthermore, Turtle’s Defense also gives additional tankiness when under the effect of otherwise threatening conditions and CC effects.

Banners and Projectiles

This is an experimental build for a ‘ranged’ support Warrior.

The objective of this build is to initiate foes from a range with a group of allies behind the Warrior, either while defending or attack. After that, the melee aspect of the build comes to the front, with the usage of the Sword & Warhorn combination.

The objective of the Sword and Warhorn is to initiate melee fights, and then give buffs to your team with the Warhorn and the banners.

The Utility skill is all about banners, using the standard three banners i.e. Banner of Discipline, Banner of Strength, and Banner of Defense. The Battle Standard Elite is the obvious choice here because of the nature of the build.

For traits, we’re maximizing the defenses of the Warrior and also enhancing the effects of the Warhorn and banners.