Guild Wars 2 Under-Water Combat Guide

Guild Wars 2’s underwater combat is a strange and mysterious thing to new players, but it won’t be long before you find it to be as fun as the land counterpart.

Upon entering this underwater mode, you’ll automatically use a rebreather apparatus and switch to a separate set of aquatic weapons and class-specific underwater skills. For help on acquiring different skills in Guild Wars 2, read our Queensdale and Metrica Skill Challenges Guide.

While underwater, you can move around and fight in combat as usual without any underwater movement penalty or breath restrictions.

There are three underwater weapons: spear, trident, and harpoon gun, which are equippable depending upon the type of profession you play.

For example, casters such as elementalists and necromancers will use a trident, which is designed with magical throwing.

Ranged attack professions such as ranger, thief, and engineer will use harpoon guns, while front-line attackers like warriors and guardians use a spear.

Underwater combat functions in many respects, as if you were on land. However, there is a much greater emphasis upon the use of the z-axis (up-down), with you able to fight enemies below you and above you.

Underwater environment is layered; the top layer is generally safe with few animals; the middle layer has many neutral creatures with a few hostile creatures. Towards the bottom, the creatures get really fearsome and most of the underwater events occur here.

There are also two additional effects some of your skills might cause while you are underwater; the first is sinking and the second floating. Sinking causes enemies to fall away from the surface and floating causes enemies or opposing players to rise to the surface.

You can apply this strategically by moving enemies or opposing players away from your team mates. Sinking and floating skills are few and far between though, with the Elementalist the only profession capable of causing floating and only the Guardian, Elementalist, Necromancer and Mesmer are capable of causing sinking.

If your health reaches zero in underwater combat, you’re put in a ‘Drowning’ state similar to the downed state on land.

You’ll have access to four unique skills, and additionally, you can rally by swimming to the surface. For more information on Downed state, check our Downed State and Rallying Guide.