Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons Guide – Tips, Blueprints and How To Build

Siege weapons are devices used to deal massive damage to players, walls, and gates. They are expensive to build, easy to destroy, and can unleash death and destruction to unsuspecting players. To build siege engines, you’ll need Blueprints.

You can purchase Blueprints for gold or Badges of Honor and Karma from the Siege master at your spawn point. Blueprints can also be obtained as drops from other players, guards and dolyaks.

To actually build a siege engine, walk to the location you want it and use the blueprint. You’ll get a ground target selector to place and locate the siege weapon.

Once that’s done a build site will appear. Players will need to bring supply to the build site in order for the weapon to be completed and functional. For more help on Guild Wars 2, read our Supply, Solo Objectives and Warrior Builds Guide.

Guild Wars 2 Siege Weapons

There are currently six siege weapons in the game, each with a specific role and purpose. Here they are with a short description:

Arrow Cart
The arrow cart is highly effective against personnel, both on the attack and the defense. Very long-range and quick rate of fire can really destroy enemy ranks if you catch them unawares.

Costing 30 supplies to build and four Silver or two badges of Honor for the bluebrint as of this writing, it’s one of the cheaper siege weapons and with its effectiveness, it will be targeted regularly.

Be sure to check ranges and placement since there’s nothing more facepalm-worthy to lay down that last blueprint you had only to find out the enemy is out of range for it or there’s a wall in its line of fire.

The Ballista is another anti-personnel weapon with anti-siege capabilities. It’s best used to take out enemy siege tanks, since it requires a target to attack (unlike the rest which usually have AoE targeting reticules).

It costs 20 supplies as of this writing to build (six Silver or three Badges of Honor for the blueprint). Furthermore, it’s difficult to hit players with it as it has a very tiny area of effect.

Flame Ram
A flame ram is a siege weapon that rams whatever is directly in front of it. It is primarily used for breaking down gates, and has a secondary function that burns players and NPCs around it.

It is, however, quite vulnerable to oil, and any ranged attacks coming from the walls. It costs 40 Supply to build, and the blueprint costs four Silver or two Badges of Honor to purchase.

Catapults can take down walls and gates, and they have a larger AOE than an Arrow Cart, so they can also be effective in damaging groups of enemies. They are more versatile than both the Arrow Cart and Trebuchet, but deal less damage.

They’re still great for dealing with walls, gates, and clustered enemies. The blueprint costs 8 Silver or4 Badges of Honor and itrequires 50supplies toconstruct.

The Trebuchet is a long range general siege weapon that can do heavy damage to structures and moderate damage to everyone else.

Very expensive (100 supply) and immobile, so make sure you have a range to the target, and it’s adequately defended and before deployment. The blueprint costs 16 Silver or eight badges of Honor.

Alpha Siege Golem
The Siege Golem is the most expensive weapon available and the only one that can relocate itself since it’s so expensive, it’s meant to be used in situations where building a build site on top of the door isn’t possible.

It’s quite effective in combat, but should not be risked at such. It costs 100 supplies to construct and one Gold or 40 Badges of Honor for the blueprint.