Guild Wars 2 Ranger Pets Guide – How To Find, Tame and Manage

Pets are permanent AI-controlled NPC allies which are the ranger’s special profession mechanics. A pet has a family, such as the bear, which determines most of their skills and its general attributes.

Pet species, such as a polar bear or a brown bear, determine a unique skill. Pet types; aquatic, terrestrial or amphibious, determine which environments the pet can operate in.

Ranger has limited control over the actions of their pet; they can set the aggressiveness of the pet and activate a skill, otherwise a pet’s action is automatically controlled and based on what the ranger does in combat.

A ranger can have any number of tamed pets, but only four pets are immediately available to call into battle and only one can be active throughout the world.

A juvenile animal, which will have a name in the form “Juvenile “, can be approached by the ranger which makes a context-sensitive skill available, on F, to charm it. Charming an animal unlocks that species so that it can be placed in one of four pet slots out of combat.

The pet management panel can be accessed by clicking your current pet’s icon in the mechanic bar or by using the shortcut key, which defaults to K.

From here the player can rename and view the statistics of the current pets. The player can select tamed pets into a pet slot using this interface, so they are available to switch to during a fight.

Ranger has four slots for pets; two slots for the pets available when on land and two slots for pets in aquatic environments. Pets have to be of the appropriate type to be slotted; amphibious pets can be placed in any slot.

To rename a pet, click on the quill icon to the left of the pet name.

Pets cannot be downed, only defeated. When a pet is defeated, they will return to their master, usually limping, and will continue to follow until they are revived.

A pet can be revived like a player from the defeated state, but this can be interrupted if the ranger’s movement causes the pet to move around.

When a player is defeated and revives at a way point, their pet will automatically revive there as well. If a ranger is in a downed state and their pet kills an enemy, the player will rally.

While a pet is in a defeated state, a ranger can switch to another pet to continue the fight. This allows for quick adaptation during fights.

If the pet is in a defeated state, the recharge time to bring it back out will be longer than normal. A defeated pet that was swapped out will be at full health when it is swapped back in. If the pet isn’t injured, the recharge is about 20 seconds.

There are five unique families of Terrestrial pets, each with multiple species that you can charm on your ranger. Terrestrial pets can only be used on land, and can only be added to the top two slots in the Pet Management window [K].

Note: * indicates a pet that is unique to The Hall of Monuments reward progression, and cannot be charmed in-game. These pets provide a unique cosmetic look only; otherwise they will share the exact skills of another pet from the same family.


  • Eagle
  • Hawk
  • Owl
  • Raven
  • White Raven*


  • Boar
  • Pig
  • Siamoth
  • Warthog


  • Alpine Wolf
  • Fern Hound
  • Hyena
  • Krytan Drakehound
  • Wolf


  • Black Moa*
  • Blue Moa
  • Flamingo
  • Red Moa
  • White Moa


  • Black Widow Spider*
  • Cave Spider
  • Forest Spider
  • Jungle Spider

There are four unique families of Amphibious pets, each with multiple species that you can charm on your ranger. amphibian pets can be used both on land or underwater, and can be added to any of the four pet slots in the Pet Management window [K].


  • Arctodus
  • Black Bear
  • Brown Bear
  • Murrelow
  • Polar Bear


  • Carrion Devourer
  • Lashtail Devourer
  • Whiptail Devourer


  • Ice Drake
  • Marsh Drake
  • River Drake
  • Salamander Drake


  • Jaguar
  • Jungle Stalker
  • Lynx
  • Snow Leopard

There are three unique families of Aquatic Pets. More abundant of Aquatic Pets that can be found in Guild Wars 2 is Jelly Fish. While the other two families currently only have one species each.

These pets can only be used under-water, and you can only add them to the bottom two slots in the Pet Management window which you can access by pressing K.

Armor Fish

  • Armor Fish

Jelly Fish

  • Blue Jellyfish
  • Rainbow Jellyfish*
  • Red Jellyfish


  • Shark