Guild Wars 2 Queensdale Skill Challenges Guide – How To

A skill challenge in Guild Wars 2 is a task that, when completed, rewards characters with a skill point. There are several types:

  • Communing — unlock a place of power, usually guarded by a veteran foe.
  • Direct combat — defeat a single foe (usually an initially friendly one, who offers the challenge).
  • Horde combat — battle a veteran and several weaker enemies; usually activated via an object.
  • Item challenges — after fighting your way past groups of enemies, you will find an interactive item that must be triggered to earn the skill point.
  • Creature Codex — find and obtain a creature codex book from an NPC.

You’ll be able to see how many skill challenges are present in a zone when you load in by looking at the loading screen, or by opening the map [M] while out exploring.

Completing each of an area’s skill challenges is one of the four requirements to earning the corresponding explorer title. In this guide, however, we will focus only on the skill challenges present throughout the Queensdale zone.

Queensdale, the starting human zone in Guild Wars 2, has a total of seven skill challenges for players to earn extra skill points. Each skill challenge will result in an additional skill point if successfully completed.

To help you squeeze out every skill point possible, we’ve put together this complete guide to skill challenges in Queensdale.

Skill Challenge #1 – Scaver Plateau
The first skill challenge in Queensdale is located on the Scaver Plateau, just south of Shaemoor Garrison. All you need to do to complete this skill challenge is commune with the pillar of light. This is the easiest skill challenge in Queensdale. Just keep an eye out for wandering centaurs!

Skill Challenge #2 – Chhk the Windmill King
The second skill challenge in Queensdale can be found east of the first skill challenge location (Scaver Plateau) on the west side of the Windloss Delves.

On the top of a hill, there is a ruined building. If you go behind the building, you can jump/run up the ramp leading into the interior of the second story of the building. Here you’ll find Chhk the Windmill King. To gain a skill point from this challenge, you’ll have to fight him.

Ranged weapons work the best here as he does a whirlwind attack knocking everybody back that is in melee combat with him.

Skill Challenge #3 – Franklin Quickblade and Rogues
This skill challenge is located north of Altar Brook Vale and south of the Bandithaunt Caverns, which lies in the heart of the brigand country. Here you’ll find a chest marked “Bandit Loot” that will start the skill challenge. To win the challenge and gain your skill point, the player must defeat Franklin Quickblade and his band of rogues.

This skill challenge can be difficult as Franklin Quickblade is accompanied by two rogues, he is pretty tough and there a lot of bandits roaming the area. Make sure you don’t run around too much and accidentally aggro other brigands.

Furthermore, keep an eye on the status of the farm located directly to the south, as brigands may spawn near this skill challenge for a dynamic event that takes place at the farm.

Skill Challenge #4 – Erts Jug of Power Unguent
The fourth skill challenge in Queensdale can be found on the south end of the Pinion Trail, just north of Altar’s Windings on the far west of the zone. The player will need to interact with an object, Erts Jug of Power Unguent, which is found at the cave entrance on the trail.

This skill challenge is not too difficult, but does require some fighting. The player will have to fight through a number of ettins that inhabit the area to get to the jug. Guarding the jug itself is a veteran ettin (Veteran Ert and Burt) that you’ll have to defeat.

Once the area is clear, interact with the jug and take some of the sludge in the jug.

Skill Challenge #5 – Carnie Jeb
Our next skill challenge is Carnie Jeb, who can be found in the Shire of Beetletun in the northeast corner of Queensdale.

This is a straightforward fight to gain the extra skill point. Carnie Jeb is pretty easy to beat and there aren’t any special attacks that he uses. Just start flailing away as soon as you challenge him.

Skill Challenge #6 – Temple of the Ages
The sixth skill challenge in Queensdale is the Temple of the Ages, which is found in Godslost Swamp. This area is in the southeast portion of Queensdale.

This skill challenge has a wrinkle in that it is located underwater. You’ll have to swim down and commune with the pillar of light to gain your skill point. However, the area has a Veteran Marsh Drake swimming around that you’ll have to defeat with your aquatic weapons.

This particular skill challenge also provides a nice lore hit for GW1 players, as you can see the statues from the original Temple while diving down to commune with the place of power. Given the history of the Temple, this also helps explain why so many portals to the Underworld are spawning throughout the swamp.

Skill Challenge #7 – Taminn Foothills
The seventh, and final, skill challenge location in Queensdale is in the middle of a centaur camp in the Taminn Foothills.

This skill challenge is located east of the one in the Godslost Swamp. While the challenge is to simply commune (hit the [F] key to interact) with a pillar of light, the fact that it is in the middle of a centaur camp makes it the most difficult skill challenge location in Queensdale if you’re playing solo.

The centaurs in this area spawn rapidly and there is quite a large number of them running around. I would recommend going in with a group to clear out the centaurs or wait for some other players to clear a path so you can quickly run up and commune with the pillar of light.

Overall the skill challenges in Queensdale are not hard to complete. There are seven total skill points you can add to your skill point coffer, which can result in more than a few extra skill choices.