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Guild Wars 2 Metrica Skill Challenge Guide – How To

Skill Challenges in Guild Wars 2 are the tasks that when completed, reward you with a skill point. There are several types:

  • Communing — unlock a place of power, usually guarded by a veteran foe.
  • Direct combat — defeat a single foe (usually an initially friendly one, who offers the challenge).
  • Horde combat — battle a veteran and several weaker enemies; usually activated via an object.
  • Item challenges — after fighting your way past groups of enemies, you will find an interactive item that must be triggered to earn the skill point.
  • Creature Codex — find and obtain a creature codex book from an NPC.

You’ll be able to see how many skill challenges are present in a zone when you load in by looking at the loading screen, or by opening the map [M] while out exploring.

Completing each of an area’s skill challenges is one of the four requirements to earning the corresponding explorer title. In this guide, however, we will focus only on the skill challenges present in Metrica province.

Metrica Province, the starting zone for the asura in Guild Wars 2, has a total of eight skill challenge locations for the players to earn extra skill points.

Most of the skill challenges found here are very hard as compared to some other zones, such as Queens dale. Be prepared to be put to the test to complete many of the skill challenges found here.

Skill Challenge #1 – Loch Jezt
The first skill challenge in Metrica Province is found at Loch Jezt, east of the Durotl Grounds. This challenge is a simple fight with Utcua.

This fight is, by far, the easiest and simplest skill challenge fight in the zone. There is nothing special about Utcua and his tactics. Just get in there and beat him down for your skill point.

Skill Challenge #2 – Funhouse
The second skill challenge in Metrica Province takes place in the Funhouse. To enter the Funhouse complex, you’ll have to enter from a point located to the southeast of the skill challenge icon on the map.

The point of entry is due west of the Obscura Incline. You’ll have to fight your way through the complex to get to the skill challenge.

Once you arrive at the skill challenge location, you’ll interact (by hitting [F] on your keyboard) with the arcanic interferometer.

This will spawn the challenge of fighting Master Genius Jettz and his two assistants. The fight itself is pretty straightforward. I would recommend killing the two assistants first and then beating down Jettz. Way point out when done.

Skill Challenge #3 – Michoan Marsh
The third skill challenge found within the zone is located in the Michoan Marsh, northeast of the Biocauldron Alchemics point of interest. This skill challenge will begin when you interact with the suspicious control panel. This will spawn Golemaster Gitt and his prototype golems.

This can be a difficult fight. I had an easier time using ranged attacks and kiting the enemies around. However, you want to be careful with AoE attacks as there are lots of creatures nearby that are neutral, but will aggro on you if you damage them.

The prototypes do a mini-whirling attack up close. Gitt hits pretty hard, so you might want to destroy that particular boss first.

Skill Challenge #4 – Akk Wilds
After a few fights to successfully complete some skill challenges, it’s relaxing to have to only answer some questions to complete the fourth skill challenge here. This particular challenge is located in the Akk Wilds, just northwest of the Old Oola Lab.

In fact, your skill challenge requires you to answer some questions from Old Oola himself. When you talk to Oola, he’ll go over some finer points of his research and philosophy.

Afterwards, he’ll ask you some questions about what he has just told you. If you answer correctly, you gain the skill point. If not, then you can talk to him again and read again his mini-lecture.

Skill Challenge #5 – Cuatl Morass
The fifth skill challenge is located at the Cuatl Morass, which is located on the eastern edge of the zone at about the midway point. To enter the area, you’ll have to travel through the gap located at the southeast corner of the Morass.

Overall, the difficulty with this skill challenge lies not with the challenge itself, but in getting to it. You’ll have to make your way through (or around) a village of enemies who spawn at a pretty good rate.

At the skill challenge location, all you have to do is interact with a jug labeled “Cuatl Health Goo,” which will deposit a tonic into your inventory.

Just use the tonic from your inventory to get the skill point. Be on guard as the jug’s location is crawling with lots of enemy creatures.

Skill Challenge #6 – Luminates Plant
Our next skill challenge in the Metrica Province actually is really easy. This skill challenge just requires you to commune with the generators (represented by a pillar of light) found at the Luminates Plant, just north of the Cuatl Morass.

The only difficult part is finding a way to the skill challenge as it is located under the plant itself. The entrance can be found to the northwest of the plant. There is also a shaft (located on the NW side of the plant) that drops down into the entry corridor.

You will see a floating cube going up and down the shaft. Once inside, just run to the skill challenge location and commune.

Skill Challenge #7 – Inquest Outer Complex
The seventh skill challenge in Metrica Province is located in the Inquest Outer Complex, located at the northeast corner of the zone. This skill challenge is another fight, but the main difficulty is in getting to the skill challenge location.

You’ll have to fight a number of enemies to get to the skill challenge location, and the room where the challenge is located also has a number of enemies. You should definitely clear the room before starting the skill challenge.

The skill challenge here is a fight with a golem called Black Ice 4444. The fight itself isn’t too difficult. The main thing to remember in this fight is that Black Ice 4444 has a large AoE attack which you should avoid. Moving around and using ranged weapons will bring him down.

Skill Challenge #8 – Thaumanova Reactor
The final skill challenge in Metrica Province makes the other skill challenges look like afternoon tea by comparison. This challenge is located outside the Thaumanova Reactor on the north side. The fight itself is really hard, but getting to the skill challenge is difficult as well.

To get to the skill challenge location, you’ll have to fight through a number of jungle skelk lurkers, which do a lot of damage and have a huge aggro range. There are also one or two veteran lurkers hanging around just to have fun chomping your guts for lunch.

Once at the skill challenge location, you’ll interact with an object labeled “Ancient Elemental Fire Energy.” This will spawn an group of fire elementals, an Ancient Ember and his two minions.

This fight is tough as they do a lot of damage and can spawn lava/magma spots. What really complicates the fight is that the skelks respawn rapidly so a number of them will most likely join the fight. The best way to complete this challenge is to go in with a group.

If you complete this skill challenge solo, I take my hat off to you as you’re a better man than me. The skill challenges found in Metrica Province are, to say it bluntly, challenging, for the most part. However, extra skill points are definitely worth the effort.