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Guild Wars 2 Guardian Builds Guide – Dungeons, PvE, PvP and WvW

The Guardian is a powerful and versatile defensive and supportive profession in Guild Wars 2 which can completely turn the tides of battle with its high-profile skills.

In this guide we’ll view various Guardian builds for different game modes along with what their objective is. The build calculator being used is the one, which gives a good display of the boons, conditions, and crowd-control (CC) that comes with each build.

Do note that armor and equipment are NOT covered in this guide. For more help on Guild Wars 2 Guardian, read our Guardian Profession, Virtues and Crafting Guide.

Guardian Dungeon Builds

Seraphic Smiting:

This is a DPS-healing build for the Guardian, utilizing Burns for damage and Aegis for partial offensive/defensive utility.

This is the way a Guardian is mostly played in Dungeon games, save for a few differences. There seems to be little need of taking any types of shouts here, and thus we’ll stick to some CC and condition-based Utility skills for some good firepower, alongside some defensive abilities to keep ourselves fit.

The traits function together in a similar manner, utilizing the Immobilize from the Signet of Wrath through the Binding Jeopardy trait, and also increasing general damage of two-handed swords, particularly the Greatsword.

The Aegis boon has been made even more powerful because it grants Retaliation, and also because it heals when turned off. Additionally, Retaliation also lasts 25% longer thanks to the Vengeful trait in the Virtues trait-line.

Angel of Death:

This is a powerful offensive build for dungeons that maximizes damage from high Precision and Burn conditions. This setup will also sacrifice Vitality and instead rely on smart healing by the player to stay healthy.

Signet of Judgment should give you sufficient defenses, along with your bread-and-butter Healing Breeze. To make the Signets more effective and to increase the punch of the burn conditions, we’re maximizing the Radiance trait-line.

Zeal is also maxed out with traits that would increase the burn condition’s effectiveness, improve the damage of your Greatsword, and also give a pseudo life-steal. This is a more-or-less purely offensive build that works wonderfully well in Dungeons.

Iron Will:

This is a defensive support/tanking build for the Guardian that relies on shouts. This is a team build, and works best with the Guardian being the initiator.

The major features of this build are the fact that applying a boon to allies heals you, which gives you added ability to maintain your tanking ability for as long as possible.

There are a variety of shouts in the Utility skills to give your allies and you some defensive stability and boons. Additionally, the Elite skill Tome of Courage will transform you into a super-healer that also has access to some good CC.

For traits, we’re taking everything that should be taken to improve the boon aspect of the Guardian, along with some damage buffs for the Greatsword. The traits also massively increase the effectiveness of your shouts.

Guardian PvE Builds

Ultimate Healer:

This is a full-time healing build that requires selfless play in PvE games. With this build, you will have to be the central healer for your team, standing in the frontline with a fellow Warrior while the more aggressive/DPS-oriented characters attack.

The role of this build is easily understandable, and so is its structure. The Utility Skills are all defensive, and Sanctuary is the best team-based skill in my opinion. While the shield is up, try to heal out the allies with the lowest health, and then get to the regular work of constant healing and boon-giving.

In traits, the aim is to selflessly amplify the effectiveness of Symbols and Aegis, and to maximize your healing capabilities.

Boon Master:

This build combines the aspects of the one mentioned above, and the Iron Will build in the Dungeons section. We’re using almost the same exact Utility skills and traits, so it should be a no-brainer.

The Protector:

This is an offensive supportive build for the Guardian. The objective here is to cycle your boons and use some crowd control to keep your allies in the dominating position.

The staff should give you long ranged initiation ability, and the Mace and Shield combo should give seem decent enough melee damage. The burning aspect, which has also been buffed indirectly with the Fiery Wrath, is an essential part of allowing domination over enemies.

You’ll notice that this build has relatively higher Power than others. This aspect allows the Guardian to play a frontal tanky support role.

The cycling of boons is also very important, and that’s why we’ve maximized Virtues to get the best use of them.

Guardian PvP Builds

Sacred Weapons:

This is a Spirit Weapon build that is more offense-oriented than being supportive. The main objective of the build is to use the two Spirit Weapons in the Utility Skills to give you good defense while you are tanking alongside a Warrior in the PvP games.

The boons are still there, but much focus is given to amplify the damage of the Greatsword and also enhance the effectiveness of the Sprit Weapons.

This obviously doesn’t mean that this build lacks sufficient supportive abilities; the boons are still there, though they aren’t being buffed by any sort of Virtue traits.

The main source of damage in this build is burning, and then the usage of the Greatsword to utilize the brilliant Fiery Wrath trait.


This build takes all the features that defines a Guardian and puts them together, utilizing just about everything, ranging from boons to healing to Spirit Weapons.

The Scepter should offer some generous amount of ranged attacks to initiate targets from afar, after which you can switch to the Greatsword and damage the hell out of enemies.

The above should probably be your tanking initiation, after which you should then switch to the more conventional Guardian play, healing and protecting your allies.

Then, in the stages where a good amount of damage has been done and everyone (in your team) is healthy enough, you can spawn the Spirit Weapon, which now doesn’t get destroyed after being commanded, thanks to the Eternal Spirit passive.

Also, don’t forget to constantly keep up some good boons, switching between activating them and letting them stay with you, depending on circumstances.

For traits, we’re almost evenly distributing our points to give a balanced said of additional effects and buffs to our Spirit Weapons, damage, supportive nature, and just about everything else.

Guardian WvW Builds

Guarding Worlds:

This is a defensive/support and tanking build for the Guardian for WvW games. The build relies on the conventional healing and boon-supplying ability of the Guardian, along with increased Toughness and Vitality to give the character the tanky aspect.

To prepare for the different circumstances you could encounter during WvW games, the Mace and Shield is being combined with a Staff so you can switch situationally between melee fighting and ranged spell-casting.

Merciful Intervention and Sanctuary are your primary skills for target and team support and healing. For traits, we’re maxing out Honor for some general supportive traits and to increase the effectiveness of a couple of boons.

The traits in Valor are present to give you some tankiness for good initiation and defense, while Virtues gives some utility buffs.

Angel of Valor:

This is an offensive tanking and damage-based build that relies on high Precision and aggressive gameplay to deal as much damage as possible, and then to retreat to the supportive nature of the Guardian.

The central parts of this build are the Shield abilities, which is why both first and secondary weapon sets have shields in them. Scepter is being used for giving you some decent range, but your primary damage source is the Sword and Shield.

You have to rely on the Blindness and Burning conditions for doing damage after initiation, and then using your Shield ability to completely disintegrate the enemy team’s formation. Once that is done, you can use Smite Condition for more damage, and then start supporting your team while leading from the front till the end of a fight.

For traits, we’re maxing Radiance and Valor to attain as much damage for good initiation, and to get a good mix of Precision and Toughness for a mix of damage and protection.