Guild Wars 2 Engineer Builds Guide – Dungeons, PvE, PvP and WvW

Though the Engineer profession in Guild Wars 2 seems to lack weapon variety, it more than makes up for it with its fantastic set of witty skills, gadgets, and kits.

In this guide we’ll cover various builds for different game modes for the Engineer. We will use the excellent and highly-detailed  build calculator. Do note that we won’t cover equipment and races in this build though.

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Dungeon Builds

Wrench Men:

First up in the dungeons builds is the Wrench one. This build has a lot of upsides to it for the amount of boons and skills it gives from the Elixirs and the generous amount of damage associated with the wrench and grenade.

How, there are also some downsides, which makes it a somewhat experimental build that needs to be tested more. Nevertheless, it would seem to work fine in Dungeons.

The dual-wielded Pistols are really a formality, as most of the output will be from the Wrench skills and the awesome Elixir X. Elixir U is more of a luck-based Utility Skill, but it seems to land in some pretty useful external profession skills for use.

The pistols will only serve you good for this build because of the CC they give, which can be useful if things don’t go the way you expect them to. The main weapon here is the wrench which comes with some fairly heavy-hitting skills.

For traits, we’re buffing the Elixirs, therefore maximizing Alchemy (and also taking the first trait in the Explosives trait-line). The traits in tools can become a topic of debate, as Power Wrench is only being used for the bleed purpose. Some might consider that a waste of a trait slot, so it could be swapped with whatever would seem more suitable.

Pistols and Flames:

It’s time to be a pyromaniac! As the name suggests, this build as all about Pistols and the mighty Flamethrower. The Flamethrower seems to be one of the most iconic tools of the Engineer profession, and it’s not for no reason.

However, the build isn’t solely relying on an Engineer that wields a Flamethrower from start to finish, but instead a more refined way of playing the profession, constantly switching between the critical hit aspect, the mobility aspect, and then the tankiness and heavy AoE damage aspect of the class.

The Med kit healing skill in the Utility skills will give you a nice mix of defensive skills to play with when things are a little out of control, but the real-deal starts when you switch to your Flamethrower.

Once again though, the primary focus is to utilize your pistols. Unlike the previous build, we want to be using the pistols as much as possible, and switching to Flamethrower when you have plenty of enemies that you need to attack at once.

The Juggernaut trait in Firearms is excellent; even though it gives a 50% reduced movement speed. Not only will it grant you lots of armor, but also give you stability which can prove super-useful. We’ve further buffing the Flamethrower with the Deadly Mixture trait in the Alchemy tree, and utilizing the swiftness gained by Speedy Kits to prevent you from suffering too much from the reduced movement speed from Juggernaut.

Magnetic Medic:

This is a heal-based Engineer build that focuses on useful CC, healing, potions, and the mighty Elixir Gun.

The build uses a Pistol and Shield combination. The Shield is actually more useful than many people think – the two abilities that come with it offer fantastic CC, and when combined with the generous amount of condition-based abilities that come with the Elixir Gun, it can mean chaos for your enemies.

Though it hasn’t been tried, this build does have the potential to make a good PvE or PvP build.

In the trait lines, we’re utilizing the Cloaking Device and Elite Supplies traits to improve the sustainability and effectiveness of the Elite skill.

Alchemy is still our primary focus here, and thus we’re maxing it out, taking all essentials that would benefit the Elixirs.

For tools, we’re adding in some generosity with Always Prepared, and some utility with Speedy Kits.

PvE Builds

Team Bomber:

This build makes a fine mix between the explosive part of being an Engineer and also essential team play. The main focus of this build is the Bomb Kit, slick shoes, and the mighty Mortar.

While playing as a bomber, your main objective in the team during PvE games should be to give some fire and projectile support from behind to your team. In addition to the great CC from the Shield, you could opt to use Slick Shoes and Personal Battering Ram for that extra dominance.

Of course, it’s silly to forget the importance of the Mortar, which can allow you to sit back and fire away from a distance with an ample set of skills available.

The core part of the build, however, is the Bomb Kit. Because of the timed aspect of the abilities, you will need to be precise in deciding when and where to place the bombs and which bombs to use under which circumstances. It seems best to practice and test this build out to understand the Bomb Kit before using it in PvP games.

Though the Bomb Kit is the main theme of the build, you don’t really need to invest much into the Explosives trait line. Instead, we’ll maximize the Inventions trait-lines and select traits that would assist the team and give you some good utility.

Additionally, we’re also investing in Tools to accommodate the player’s use of Gadgets and to get some more damage.

Speed Thrills and Kills:

If you got inspired by Usain Bolt in the recent Olympics, you might want to try out this build. The focus of the build is to give you tons of swiftness with a mix of good damage and healing capabilities.

Since the Flamethrower doesn’t seem to fit the ‘speed’ aspect of this build well enough, we’ll opt for the Elixir Gun instead here as our bread-and-butter utility skill. That’s not to say that the Pistol and Shield are worthless, but your central battle should be fought with the Elixir Gun.

The offensive part of the build comes with the CC and the condition damage. You’ll be having access to a variety of conditions like Bleed, Blind, Confusion, and Poison, all of which can work wonders for your team. But what you’ll be having even more is CC, with Knockdown, Knockback, Stuns and more.

For traits, we’re maxing out Firearms to get some additional speed from swiftness, additional critical hit advantages, and also to add the piercing aspect to the pistol shots. Alchemy and Tools are doing pretty much similar things when it comes to Swiftness, with a bit of health sustenance from Backpack Regenerator.

This build seems to work well both in solo play in PvE and when you decide to be decent and play as a team member.

PVP Builds

Engineer the Alchemist:

Meet the Engineer, who happens to be an alchemist. This build is all about Elixirs, and has a unique supportive + aggressive role in PvP games.

The Utility Skills are stacked with nothing but various types of Elixirs, giving you a huge variety of Boons and Conditions to play with. The Rifle seems to be a good choice because of the skill set that comes with it, and the Elixir X gives some added CC and damage to make you a force to be reckoned with in the battlefield.

The healing turret can be useful, especially when combined with the ability to detonate it, giving both the option to be supportive and to do some decent enough damage.

For traits, we’re maxing Firearms to give as much damage buff to the Rifle as possible, while reducing CD. The Alchemy traits are really a no-brainer, because the entire build is built around the use of Elixirs.

It’s a simple, fun, and effective supportive build for the Engineer.

Rifle Ready and Wrench Powered Up:

So, you want to stay far away eh? Well, here’s a taste of my overly buffed Rifle. You decide to come near? Well, taste the wrath of my wrench!

The above set of sentences pretty much sums up how this build works. You’ll be using the Rifle for taking out enemies from long range, and utilizing high mobility. If anyone decides to come in front of you, or if you decide to rush into a set of weakened enemies, the wrench toolkit should prove to be your best friend.

If things get a little tough, there’s always the trusty Med Kit to rely on, and the Utility skills also feature two stun-breakers and momentary invulnerability. The combination of the Wrench Toolkit’s CC abilities and the high damage from rifle can really put foes on the back-foot.

The traits of this build maximize the Rifle damage, and provide swiftness from the Tools trait-line, along with lowered Gadgets CD.

Bombs Away!:

This is a rather difficult build to play with, but if it falls into skillful hands, the player can create absolute chaos.

The build is built around the Bomb Kit of the Engineer. Basically, you want to throw as many conditions on the enemies as possible, and also have a good amount of CC at hand for those hiccup-ish situations.

You’ll have access to nearly all of the conditions with this build, and it is your job to understand which bomb to use where and when. Additionally, the dual-wielding pistols also deal some decent conditions themselves, and stacking these up can really mean a bad time for enemies.

The downsides of this build are the low defenses and risky operational mobility; you need to be fast, mobile, and very alert in the battlefield, and be quick in your decision-making for the bombs. Having said that, the Med Kit and Elixir R should be useful enough to get you out of dodgy situations.

The traits of the build maximize the effectiveness of bombs, with good CD reduction, improved damage, and improved radius of effectiveness of your skills in the Bomb Kit. The Firearms is there to give you some mobility and to provide some additional damage from your Pistols, while the Tools trait-line gives you additional speed and CD reduction.

WvW Builds

Speedy Alchemist:

Mobility and witty use of Elixirs is the main property of this build. In a colossal scale like WvW, you need to be able to move fast, especially if you have a versatile class like the Engineer, which can be supportive, offensive, and in-between on-the-go.

Thus, we’re taking useful gadgets like Slick Shoes and Rocket Boots for the extra mobility and some CC. Your main damage source is your Rifle and your Elite skill Elixir X, which can be a little unreliable at times, but it never really fails to deliver some decent damage.

Apart from that, the traits have been chosen to allow high movement speed and give a bit of damage. The traits chosen in Inventions give you some increased damage and more movement speed during combat.

Alchemy buffs up the duration and effectiveness of Elixirs, and Tools traits increase movement speed and reduce CD of Gadgets. Speed is fun, and it’s a vital part of being an effective Engineer.

Taster My Elixirs:

This build focuses on the usage of the Elixir gun for WvW games, along with other defensive and offensive Elixirs.

For some decent amount of conditions, we’re taking dual-wielding pistols are our weapon set. This will give us access to almost all the conditions while the Elixir Gun is inactive, and should aid in good aggressive initiation.

Then, you can switch to your Elixir Gun to get a set of entirely different skills which should provide you with good damage and also additional conditions. The Elixir B potions can come in useful here to give some added boons, and Elixir R should help you survive threatening stuns.

For traits, we’re maxing the Alchemy trait-line for obvious purposes, increasing the effectiveness of Elixirs. In Firearms, the objective is to increase the range of both pistols and the Elixir Gun, and also to reduce the CD with the associated Elixir Gun skills.

Inventions should give you some decent utility and additional power as well.

The Grenadier:

It’s time to play as the long-ranged artillery support! The Grenadier build utilizes the till-now neglected Mortar and Grenade Kit. The reason why these work so well in WvW games is because of the mass scale of the battlefield.

The build works great with a good team, as you can sit all the way back in the formation and give fire-support to your allies.

For some good crowd control and reasonable conditions, we’re taking and Pistol and a Shield. For Utility skills, we’re obviously selecting the Grenade Kit, alongside a gadget that should serve useful for breaking out of stun, and a buff-giving Elixir. For the artillery aspect of this build, we’re selecting the Mortar as the Elite skill.

The build comes with quite a few boons, which really makes it useful for both allies and yourself. It adds to the aggressive demolition part of the build and also the supportive aspect.

For traits, we’re investing full 30 points into Explosives for obvious reason. The traits selected will give an increased range, a condition, and added damage from that extra grenade that comes with Grenadier.

In Alchemy, we’re taking traits to maximize the potency of our lone Elixir, and Tools will give some utility buffs that should prove helpful. So, sit back, relax, throw some grenades, and watch the explosions!