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Guild Wars 2 Downed State and Rallying Guide

When your health reaches zero in Guild Wars 2, you do not die and respawn instantly. Instead, your character enters a ‘downed’ state.

During this time, your character cannot attack, move or use skills, but they are given access to four skills that will allow you to rally and get back onto your feet.

When you enter the downed state you’ll be prompted with a message stating, “Fight To Survive!” and four new skills.

These are three profession-determined downed skills and one skill common to all professions called Bandage. The skills in downed mode are considerably weaker, so you’ll have to act quickly to avoid being killed off for good.

Each time you are downed you incur one downed penalty. This downed penalty reduces your ‘Downed health’ when in the downed state by 25% for each point and will last for a total of 1 minute. After being downed 5 times within the space of a minute you will be defeated.

For all professions, the first skill is a damaging skill, which will either inflict direct damage or damaging conditions. The second skill is used for defending yourself, such as warrior’s Hammer Toss or elementalist Grasping Earth.

The third skill is usually a skill with defensive utility use – for instance; a warrior can use vengeance to fight normally for a short time while an elementalist can assume Vapor Form to temporarily avoid damage and move around.

The fourth skill, Bandage, can be channeled to restore health, and doing so long enough will allow a downed player to rally. However, Bandage is interrupted by taking damage and thus is not effective if the downed character is still under attack.

Bandage has a recharge time of three seconds, but as different professions have different downed skills, all third slot skills don’t necessarily have the same recharge times.

The differences between each profession’s downed skills mean that it is imperative to know what kind of downed skills each profession has, especially in PvP.

There are two main ways of Rallying back from the downed state; the first occurs if you manage to score a kill on an enemy, this is made easier when in a group that can help you get a shared kill on something.

The second way is to use the Bandage skill and channel it long enough to recover all your health and therefore, Rally.

Finally, you can finish off downed enemies in PvP by hitting the ‘F’ key while standing next to a downed opponent. You can be interrupted however, and most downed skills can do so. For more help on Guild Wars 2, read our Siege Weapons, Ranger Pets and Combos & Finishers Guide.