Dust 514 and EVE Online Now Talking To One Another

CCP have announced that both EVE Online and Dust 514 players can communicate with each other whilst in-game on the official Singularity test server.

Both the mercenaries of Dust and the pilots of EVE can chat to each other in the local channels of many empire systems, straight after the confirmation came from CCP themselves.

Better yet, EVE-mail messages can be sent between either playerbase and the items from Dust now show up on the EVE marketplace (But you can’t buy them through the EVE client yet).

Though interaction is still limited, CCP have stated that this initial limitation is due to the several known issues that they are still going through. The age of Singularity’s current code base isn’t helping either.

This cross-platform communication marks a great step for the future of both games though, and we look forward to seeing many different kinds of cross-platform play coming to us from CCP.