Borderlands 2 Is Pretty With NVidia

If you are one of those guys who like to put their machines to the test or your eyes hurt when you play games on low resolution settings Borderlands 2 has the solution to all your problems, then.

Borderlands 2 looks pretty sweet on a high-end PC, and one manufacturer of heavy hitting PC components want you to check out how shooting the floor looks far better with GeForce GTX PhysX enabled.

This video is also viewable on nVidia’s Borderlands 2 promotional hub The GeForce team is so excited about Gearbox’s sequel that the game comes free with new purchases of a GTX.

Borderlands 2 hits the shelves on September 18 (USA) and 21(Europe). Here is the piece of footage highlighting the raw of GeForce GTX PhysX for your viewing pleasure: