Black Ops 2 Nuketown To Be Ground Zero

Zombie outbreaks have to start somewhere, right? Looks like Nuketown might be the ideal location for the coming zombie apocalypse.

The highly popular Zombies mode from Call of Duty: Black Ops was set to make a return in the upcoming sequel, but how could they improve it with the futuristic setting? Well, for starts, they’re going with Nuketown as ground zero for the infection.

Treyarch started teasing us earlier with the confirmation that Nuketown would play host to the Zombies mode in this sequel. They released a piece of artwork earlier on the Black Ops 2 Facebook page that depicts a homely “Welcome to Nuketown” sign, albeit with an omnious “ZOMBIES” written in blood as well. It certainly looks like Nuketown is going to feature zombies, if not the actual Zombies mode.

Nuketown is only available to pre-order customers though, so it’s presumably an optional map for the multiplayer mayhem.

If you want to practice your Z Day survival skills, then you’d best pre-order Black Ops 2 whilst you still can.