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Black Ops 2 COD Points and Wager Matches Removed, Party Games Added

With the advent of the new Pick 10 system, for customizing items in Black Ops 2, COD Points have been removed. COD Points, which were used to purchase accessories, equipment and weapons, in Black Ops, have become outdated and didn’t quite mesh well with this new system.

By removing the COD Point system, which added a lot of competitive nature to Black Ops, Treyarch hopes that people will start to work together more tactically, as a team. This makes a lot of sense, considering that Treyarch has made a lot of changes to multiplayer to make the game more team oriented.

With the removal of COD Points, there does come with a few casualties. Wager matches won’t be making an appearance in Black Ops 2, since there won’t be any COD Points to, well, you know, wager. While this may come as a blow to many of you, Treyarch already has a response, party games.

They promise that these games will be, “fun,” serving as an out of place, oddball experience for people to goof around in. Oh boy.

Source. OXM September