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Guild Wars 2 Currency Guide – Gold, Gems, Karma, Glory, Dungeon Tokens and Badges of Honor

Gold is the common in-game currency in Guild Wars 2. Silver and copper are a lesser-valued subset of gold. As well as gold there are three other currencies that players will become familiar with; Glory, Karma and Gems.

You will be able to view the amount of coin you possess at any time by opening your Inventory [I] where your current wealth will be shown on the bottom right corner of the window.

In PvP, players earn a currency called Glory, which can be used to buy cosmetic upgrades. PvE players earn Karma in-game, and they can use it to buy unique rewards from Karma vendors. Karma cannot be traded between players.

The third and potentially most controversial currency is Gems.

Gems are bought for REAL money and can be used in the game’s cash shop for micro transactions. At the Trading Post, which is like an auction house but better, GW2 players can trade items such as gems for gold and vice versa.

You can trade gold to get gems which you can then use to buy things in the cash-shop. The in-game gem price will fluctuate based on player supply and demand. The system allows for gradual changes in prices relative to the changes in demand for each currency.

Examples of how gold coin is earned and items types it will allow you to purchase can be seen below. Please note that the lists are not exhaustive, but will at least give you a general idea of ways coin can be earned and spent.

Earned by:

  • Defeating creatures
  • Completing Dynamic Events
  • Completing Renown objectives
  • Defeating enemy players in WvW
  • Selling items to merchants
  • Selling items on the Trading Post
  • Completing Daily and Monthy Achievements

Purchased with:

  • Training Manuals
  • Waypoint Travel
  • Crating Materials
  • WvW Siege Weapons
  • WvW Commander rank training
  • Armor and Weapons
  • Item repairs


Karma is another form of currency that you will be able to earn and spend similar to gold, with a few key differences. While you can obtain Karma through many of the same activities, you will not earn Karma directly by defeating normal creatures.

Likewise, you cannot purchase items on the Trading Post for Karma. The primary method of earning karma will be completing dynamic events or renown objectives, though karma can also be earned by map completion, or completing all tiers of daily and monthly achievements.

Upon completing all objectives for a Renown NPC, they will become a merchant who will sell you a variety of unique items for karma.

You can view your available karma at any time by opening your Inventory [I] where it will be displayed on the bottom left corner.

Examples of how karma can be earned and item types it will allow you to purchase can be seen below. Please note that some items may have both a karma and coin cost to purchase.

Earned by:

  • Completing Dynamic Events
  • Completing Renown objectives
  • Completing WvW objectives
  • Map completion
  • Completing Daily and Monthy Achievements

Purchased With:

  • Crating Materials
  • Gathering Tools
  • Salvage Kits
  • Transmutation Stones
  • Rare Armor and Weapons


Glory is a currency that is unique to structured PvP. You will be able to earn glory through participation in either hot-join or tournament matches, with the amount earned based partly on your personal contributions during a given match, and whether your team was the victor.

You can view how much glory you currently have by opening the Hero window [H] and clicking on the PvP tab.

At present, the main items you can purchase with glory include a variety of Reward Chests, and a unique type of Salvage Kit that is used specifically for breaking unwanted PvP items down into components that can then be used in the Mystic Forge.

Glory Merchants can be found near the Asura Gates and training NPCs in the Heart of the Mists, the main PvP lobby.


Gems are a special type of currency that can be used to purchase items for sale in the in-game store. This includes things like non-combat cosmetic items or costumes, consumable boosts, extra character slots, or account storage upgrades.

Gems are also the currency type that is used to transfer your account to a different home world, with the associated cost dependent on the population throughout the world you wish to transfer to.

In general, transferring to a low population world will cost fewer gems than if you wish to transfer to a high population world.

Gems can be purchased in one of two ways; real-world cash, or in-game gold. You can also purchase gold in-game with gems, based on the current market value. The current rate can be seen through the Black Lion Trading Company window [O] by opening the Currency Exchange tab.

Note: The real cash purchase cost for Gems remains static.

Purchasing gems for cash can be done in-game on the main tab of the Trading Company UI window. Your current gem total will be displayed here in the upper left corner, and to purchase gems you can click on the “Get More Gems+” button located directly beneath your current total gems.

Dungeon Tokens

Instead of having to repeat dungeons in hopes of obtaining specific armor or weapon drops, you will be able to earn tokens that can then be spent on the items of your choosing at special dungeon vendors.

Each dungeon in GW2 will have an associated type of token, with vendors for all dungeons centrally located in Lion’s Arch near the asura gates in Fort Marriner.

The items they have for sale will allow you to complete a set of armor or obtain weapons that have a unique cosmetic appearance associated with that particular dungeon.

Badges of Honor

Badges of Honor are a currency that is unique to World vs. World gameplay. Unlike coins or karma, these badges will be looted as physical objects, and will take up a free slot in your Inventory [I]. So if you plan on spending much time in WvW, you will want to be sure to keep at least one free inventory slot open for badges, otherwise you will not be able to loot them.

Badges of Honor can be used as an alternate form of currency to buy Siege Weapon blueprints instead of coin. This allows you to still purchase blueprints but retain enough coin to purchase other high-priority items such as Trait training manuals, or armor repairs. For more help on Guild Wars 2, read our Trading Post, Dynamic Events and Leveling Guide.