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Guild Wars 2 Character Progression Guide – How To Level Up

A character is a customized avatar of the player into the game. Once created, the player uses the character to participate and progress through any of the three major game modes: Player versus Environment, Player versus Player, and World versus World.

The number of characters on an account is limited by the number of slots available for character creation. At launch, Guild Wars 2 will have more methods to help advance your character than many MMOs have much later in their overall life cycle.

To help give you some ideas of the multitude of things you’ll be able to do in GW2, we put together the following list of activities and aspects of the game that will have a direct impact on ways you can advance your character.

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Guild Wars 2 Character Progression – Leveling

Characters advance throughout the game by gaining experience until they reach the maximum level cap of 80. Experience is gained by:

  • Participating in events.
  • Completing personal storyline objectives
  • Crafting
  • Killing monsters
  • Reviving
  • Exploring
  • Jumping Puzzles
  • Skill Challenges
  • Karma
  • Under Water Content
  • Orders
  • Lions Arch
  • Guilds
  • World Versus World

After the first few levels, the time or effort required to attain a new level remains constant.

Participating In Events
The living world of Guild Wars 2 is filled with thousands of dynamic events that constantly change based on the actions of players like you.

You never know what you’ll discover when you log in! Dynamic events change and evolve in response to how you interact with them, leaving lasting effects in the game world. If you save that village from ogres, they may return with siege weapons to counter attack or regroup in nearby caves.

You can prevent bandits from destroying a town’s water supply, or you can defend the workers who repair the damaged pumps. As in real life, every action has a consequence—intended or not.

Plus, you won’t be penalized for teaming up with your fellow players to take on a pack of savage grawl or a rampaging drake broodmother—you’ll receive just as much experience as everyone else who participated.

Completing Personal Story
Your character’s personal story works on a number of different levels. Not only does it help give your character a meaningful place throughout the world, but will also provide some excellent rewards to help you advance your character.

Not only that, but if you follow your personal story at the intended level, it can help point you in the direction of areas on the map where there is more content appropriate for your current level.

Crafting cannot only help you create useful items, such as armor, weapons, dyes, upgrades, and consumables, but will also grant you experience. Even gathering the necessary metals, cloth, wood, and plants used in crafting grants XP, so is well worth your time!

Killing Monsters
You kill monsters you get exp simple.

Revival is the process of bringing a player or NPC back from a downed or defeated state. Any character can revive another by using the context-sensitive action (default key F) while next to the applicable target.

Some NPCs will revive other NPCs and (occasionally) players. The more characters that assist, the faster the revival process completes. In contrast, characters affected by downed penalty take longer to revive.

Your character will gain a small amount of experience by reviving other players or NPCs. Certain achievements are tied to reviving allies.

Scampering around Tyria is a rewarding experience all on its own, but you will also earn experience for uncovering portions of the map, unlocking way points, points of interest, and vistas, or even discovering interesting dynamic events that are located off the beaten path.

Jumping Puzzles
Jumping puzzles are explorable areas found out in the world that offers players a unique challenge, provide a reward chest upon completion, and even have their own achievement category.

Most are found in difficult to reach, or fewer obvious locations, but are well worth your time to go out and discover.

Skill Challenges
Outside of normal leveling, skill challenges will be the primary method for obtaining skill points to spend on unlocking new healing, utility, and elite skills.

Just like renown hearts, completing skill challenges will also contribute towards your overall map completion, and you can even use skill points as an additional form of currency to assist in creating legendary weapons and armor in the Mystic Forge.

Completing events cannot only be rewarding from a gameplay perspective, but provides you with a number of tangible rewards as well, such as Karma.

You could think of karma as something you earned for doing good deeds, but then you also get to spend it on a number of unique rewards from karma merchants found throughout the world.

Under Water
Most maps contain varying amounts of underwater content. As you’re out exploring Tyria, be sure to go for a swim to find all sorts of cool things like villages, dynamic events, or even hidden entrances to jumping puzzles.

As you advance towards the mid-levels, you’ll be able to earn influence with the three Orders. Think of the Orders kind of like neutral factions that all have the same goal – defeating the Elder Dragons – but have different ideas for how to do so.

Lion’s Arch
While each race in GW2 has its own unique capital, Lion’s Arch serves as a massive social gathering point for all races.

Natural character progression will lead you towards LA around level 30, but you can access this massive city at any time through asura gates, or via waypoint travel once you’ve unlocked them.

While not linked directly to character advancement, your vault will allow you to store piles of crafting materials, and a number of different collectable items such as any mini-pets you acquire. Since vaults are linked to an account vs.

Individual characters, you can also use them to quickly and easily transfer items between any of your characters on the same account. One aspect of vaults that is linked to advancement is the ability for guilds to unlock and upgrade vault space for the entire guild to use.

World Versus World
World versus World is far more than an interesting PvP diversion in GW2. You can literally advance your character solely in WvW if you’d like, complete with obtaining gear upgrades, skill points, and more.

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