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Guild Wars 2 – A Look At The Bundle System

Guild Wars 2 introduces a lot of new mechanics to online gamers, ranging from changes to normal auction house transactions to the Thief’s ability to steal useful items. One of the most intriguing new systems is the bundle system.

A bundle is an item that you can pick up or is given to you by an NPC that will replace the normal skills of your character.

The range of items that are bundles in Guild Wars 2 is quite large. Some of the bundle items you pick up can be used for harmless fun while others can be used for completing various tasks, or even grant you temporary weapons to use in combat.

Bundle items have a sparkly glow around them as they lie upon the ground. Once you click on them or interact with them using the [F] key to pick them up, you’ll notice that your character’s weapon skills (the 1-5 slots on your hot bar) have been temporarily replaced with one or more new skills.

You can drop the item you’ve picked up by clicking on the green arrow to the left of the hotbar, or using the default weapon swap key [`].

Most bundle items have a limited duration and will disappear on their own after some usage. Some dynamic events or personal story missions in Guild Wars 2 will require you to use the bundle system.

It is one of those quiet, under-the-radar game mechanics that adds a refreshing air to the game.