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You Earn XP Differently in Black Ops 2

Treyarch has been making a lot of changes to the classic COD multiplayer, with killstreaks being replaced by Scorestreaks and multi-team matches. Now the Game Director David Vonderhaar has just tweeted that:

In previous games, the number you would see when you killed someone would be the amount of XP you gained just then. Now the number would merely represent the ‘Score’ you got from making that kill.

Not sure how the leveling will work now. Perhaps you get a certain amount of XP for winning a match? That would certainly promote more teamwork, as before even if your team lost that would more or less be independent from the XP you gain. Now you have more to gain by playing as a team and helping your allies, as opposed to just grinding XP for yourself.

This is just speculation though; all our questions will be settled once and for all on November 13 when it hits the shelves for Xbox, PC and PS3.