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GTA 5 Screenshots Feature Police Cars, Helicopters, Planes and Gunmen

Rockstar just release four new screenshots of the upcoming GTA 5 and man prepare yourself for some Scenery Porn.

My God! Look at those glistening water effects!

Aside from the fact that It seems we’ll be able to fly around in a crop duster another thing to notice from this screenshot is the environment, a big difference that I noticed between GTA: San Andreas and GTA 4 was the exclusion of the countryside and rural areas, but with this screenshot it seems we’ll be able to come back to that.


A familiar scene for any fan of GTA, being chased by numerous cops (both land and air) while speeding around in a very expensive car. Not much else here, except for the fact that I. Want. That. CAR.


Something new here, it seems we’ll be able to grab on to the sides of car carrier trucks, not sure whether we’ll be able to do the same to other vehicles. However, it’s entirely possible this screenshot is part of an in-game cutscene, and we only do this once.


Ahhh, shooting down helicopters with small arms fire. Good memories. And we used to be able to do it in the game as well I recall! Jokes aside, the small view of the city lights we’re getting seems breathtaking.

Though, as it’s entirely possible that you’ll only see such pretty pictures on ultra settings on a high end gaming rig, Rockstar’s normally pretty straightforward about not misleading their audience when it comes to these things so I wouldn’t worry too much.