Walking Dead Episode 2 Finally Shambles Onto the iPad

There may be some of you out there who prefer you iDevice for most of your gaming. This goes for a good portion of zombie-lovers waiting on the next iPad installment of Telltale Game’s Walking Dead game.

Though Telltale’s point-and-click adventure game Walking Dead: Episode 2 :Starved for Help has been out on Steam and consoles for what seems like forever, only the first episode was available on the iPad. That will change as of next week, when Starved for Help comes to the iStore.

In the brief announcement Telltale poses the question: “How will you get ready to hop back into Lee Everett’s blood-stained shoes on iOS?” At the end of the last episode, the survivors were hiding out in a motel awaiting rescue.

Help never comes, and in this chapter you’ll have to take some chances to get food and better shelter for the group. 

Full of quick time decisions and options that will heavily affect the games ending you can pick up this exciting zombie adventure on the iPad for $4.99.  If you purchased the season pass, though, it should show up in the game as soon as you log in.

Grab that axe and get to choppin’!