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Transformers: Fall of Cybertron Starscream’s Crown Unlock Guide – How To

The legacy of Transformer series goes way back in 1980s when comics and cartoons were not recognized as we know them today. In the modern day, the series has got a massive fan support and the game; Fall of Cybertron is equally plausible.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron has some slices of history secrets that being a tranformers fan, you are not ought to miss. Starscream’s Crown among them is an item that may draw your attention the most. Following simple steps will guide you how you can attain the special crown for the awesome StarScream:

  • Play the game normally through the starting section till you blow off the wall.
  • From the created opening, you will be able to spot a large tower straight ahead of you.
  • Fly towards the tower, and on the way, you need to steer to the left towards the far most objective.
  • When you are at the left objective tower, you need to look for a tower building with a small outgrowth (explore the right side of the objective marker building you reached).
  • Enter the opening you find there, and you will be able to reach the decorated crown.

The following video tutorial will show you how you can unlock the golden crown.