The World Ends With You Coming to iDevices?

The World Ends with You is coming to iPhone and iPad according to a leaked announcment by Square Enix earlier today.

Blogs have been going nuts over a leak this morning on the Square Enix Japanese e-store indicating the Nintendo DS title is being ported to touch devices. Meanwhile, the game’s website has one of those nifty countdown clocks everyone loves to use and it’s slowly ticking away!

The World Ends with You is a hip, musically-inclined DS RPG, acclaimed for its quirk and combat mechanics, which have players controlling two different characters at the same time on the upper and lower scrrens.

Critics seemed to really like it, and it’s got quite the Internet following, so no wonder the kids are excited. Add in the main character having a part in the newest Kingdom Heats game and you’ve got a recipe for success.

Chances are we’ll know a lot more about this port when that countdown clock hits zero, so hold on to your butts and keep an eye on Segment Next for more info!