Rumor: Modern Warfare 4 Already In Development

Please explain to me as to why they won’t stop it with the Call of Duty franchise. Or better yet someone explain to me why everyone is rushing out to buy a new Call of Duty title every time one’s released.

This however, still is a rumor and has not been confirmed by Activision. So according to an anonymous source, Neversoft, a studio owned by Activision is currently developing the next Modern Warfare title.

The source reports that according to concept drawings, mission concepts and such, it’s definitely a Call of Duty game.

It’s another MW game. There’s something called, ‘Drone Surveillance’. They’re working on ‘HALO’ jumps (High Altitude; Low X.) There is a level under ice. There is cloaking tech. Something called a ‘Dominator UAV’.”

Just what we need, more drones.