Mechwarrior Online Ransoms Its Own River City

In a new video for MechWarrior Online, Pirahana Games shows off the new urban battlefield of River City.

From the official description:

Nestled within a coastal valley, River City, ravaged by war, is the first urban setting map for MechWarrior Online. From stealth scouting to long range support and right down to all out brawling, players will find areas in River City that suit their needs. The river itself, spanned by two bridges, divides the city into two opposing sides.

A fortified citadel dominates the centre of the city and players will fight for control of two key sites: a space port high on a plateau and a crucial industrial port facility on the ocean shoreline.

Surrounding the city are hillsides that are still in conflict and the odd airstrike and artillery barrage can still be seen off in the distance. Pools of fire and rubble throughout the city drive home the point that the pristine condition of the city is now just a remnant memory of the past.

Basically It’s a high-tech metropolis on fire, with hazy smoke and broken highways everywhere. In the middle of River City is a fortified building, which is the high ground. Holding this area will help players achieve their two objectives: capturing a space port and an industrial port facility.

I’ll give Pirahana Games credit; they even include the name “River City” and the word “Ransom” in the trailer.  Always have to remember your classic gaming roots, even when stomping around in giant mechs.