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Halo 4: Spartan Ops DLC To Be Longer Than Halo 3: ODST

Recently the achievements list of Halo 4 got leaked on the web. The list showed only eight doable missions in the game and this resulted in Halo fans going a bit grumpy.

In a thread started on NeoGaf, many posters expressed themselves over the matter. Frank Connor from 343 Industries came out to assure fans that Halo 4 is by no means a short game. In addition he also said that the content delivered through Spartan Ops DLC will be longer than Halo 3: ODST.

Number of missions has no bearing on the length of the campaign. It’s a Halo sized campaign. PLUS Spartan Ops etc.

Connor was also joined by designer David Ellis who said:

[Spartan Ops] season alone is longer than [Halo 3: ODST]. Spartan Ops and Campaign are completely separate teams. As Frank mentioned earlier, the main campaign is substantial and will compare favorably with previous entries in the series.

In addition to all of that you should know that The Penny Arcade Expo begins on 31st August, which is just a week away. 343 Industries are going to be there and they plan to unveil more features from Halo 4. There are going to be talks about new weapons, vehicles, gameplay, characters and much more.

One of the new weapons has already been leaked. It’s called the Binary Rifle and is said to be a Promethean Sniper Rifle.

[via OXM]