Guild Wars 2 – A Look At The Economy

John Smith, the resident economist for Guild Wars 2, has recently made a series of very pretty graphs. The graphs display the state of the economy in GW2, while also comparing it to real world economies. While I’m not an economist, I just ate a pop tart.

Alright, fine, it was two pop tarts. The point is, as you can imagine, I feel like quite the authority figure on any subject at the moment.

The graph that I found the most interesting, was the first one. Having played GW2 myself, with several friends, I can tell you that the mindset of the game isn’t about efficiency, it’s about picking a direction and going.

You run into monsters, dynamic events, and scouts laying out the area for you and all the fun that is to be had. So, it’s really interesting to see where most of the currency is earned, while just having… fun. It really does come to no surprise to me that most of the gold is earned from doing just that.