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God of War: Ascension Introduces The Satyr Captain

God of War Ascension
In a featured post on Sony’s blog, the developers talk about the Satyr Captain in God of War: Ascension.

Izzy, the concept artist for the game mentions how they wanted to add a similar mini-boss in Ascension much like the centaur in God of War 3. The problem with the Centaur was that he needed a lot of room to operate in. Hence, he couldn’t be spawned everywhere.

The Satyr have been featured as minions in pretty much all of the God of War games. In Ascension they will work in packs under a commander, the Satyr Captain. Now unlike the Centaur, the Satyrs can be spawned almost every where. This time around Kratos will also have to face off against a Satyr Commander and he is going to be one tough being.

Speaking on designing the guy, Izzy said that they opted for a more slouch posture with a bigger tank like body. The result was a long necked behemoth with a strong presence.

The Satyr Captain will always be in command of his troops. That was clearly shown in the E3 single player demo of the game where the Captain gave his troops the order to attack Kratos while he himself observed the action from a higher vantage point. After watching most of his minions get slaughtered, he finally jumped in to take matters into his own hands.

Izzy also said that the Goat Captain is capable of dishing loads of damage. His falchion-style sword will make short work of Kratos if he is not careful.