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Vote Lets You Decide Who the Best Candidate is…With Punches

Chair Entertainment has been working on a new mobile brawler game and it isn’t anything like what you might expect. 

It’s called Vote and is very similar to Infinity Blade in its gesture based fighting mechanics. Chair has dumbed down the controls a bit and made everything a bit slower and obviously goofier as you’ll be playing as either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney. 

During the “brawls” you’ll score hits (called debates) and parries (called rebuttals).  Each “debate” is scored and boosted by a nonus meter and the object of the game is to, obviously, score the most points.

There’s a combo system where if you can combine the right attacks together you’ll make a higher scoring flurry of “debates”.  At the end of each round you’ll be graded with “votes” that will then be plugged into a larger pool of global data.  That graph is displayed on the main menu and will keep you up to date on who has more “votes” Obama or Romney.

While the game sounds ridiculous it definitely sounds like a quick and fun little game to pass the time, especially at the price of free.  So head on over to the App Store today and help decide the fate of the free world, one “debate” at a time.