Tribes Ascend Gets CTF Blitz Mode and Technician Goodies

Seems like the Technicians in Tribes: Ascend just got their Ph. Ds in the new update, with a slew of new content for them. If you happen to play the Technician class you’ll be able to enjoy a new Primary Weapon, the TC24, which is a short range gun that shoots four explosive rounds each clip.

They also get a new belt item, the Repair Kit, which can be used to repair turrets while you’re off doing other explodey things. Speaking of turrets, you’ll be getting a new one, The EXR Turret. Finally you’ll have a new skin available called The Specialist.

Additionally, players will be able to play the new mode, titled CTF Blitz, which differs from classic CTF in that the flag moves to a more secure location after each capture, making subsequent captures more difficult and forcing you to think more strategically.

Lastly, there will be new Announcer voice packs, bug fixes and balance changes.

Here’s the Patch Notes.