Transformers Fall of CyberTron Blueprints and Audio Logs Locations Guide

Transformers: Fall of CyberTron details the events surrounding the fall of the home planet of Transformers. Decepticons have taken over the CyberTron and for Autobots, it’s a battle for survival now, the one which they can’t afford to lose.

Their only hope to survive is to get to the Ark and leave the damn planet for good. Hasbro turned the game into a treat for Transformers fans when they confirmed that the story of the game is official.

While it is a battle for survival, a very serious battle that you must win, but that shouldn’t make you forget about the two important collectibles that you need to track throughout the game. Why? To get a platinum trophy or 1000 gamer score points.

You can unlock Cassetticon Audiophile by collecting all audio logs in the game while for Beachcomber, you will have to collect all blueprints in the game. These two achievements/trophies require a lot of work, which has forced us to opt for videos rather than text to guide you to the locations to collect these.

Each chapter with audio logs and blueprints has its own video. I will suggest you to do the collectibles run on your second play-through. For first play-through, just enjoy the story!

Transformers Fall of CyberTron – Audio Logs and Blueprints

Following are the videos you can use to find all the audio logs and blueprints in Transformers: Fall of CyberTron. You can browse by chapter since each chapter has a dedicated video guide.

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Thanks. DeathMule