Super Awesome Hyper Dimension Mega Team Releases SuperMagical

Back in May there was talk that a new game would be coming down the pipe from Pro Zombie Soccer developer Super Awesome Hyper Dimension Mega Team.  The game is called Supermagical and it’s a bubble matching game similar to the mega popular Bust-A-Move.

Supermagical actually launched in Apple Spain’s App Store back in June, with a planned cooperative multiplayer mode planned to coincide with the worldwide launch a few weeks later. It looks like that mode still isn’t quite ready, but will be coming in a future update along with a multiplayer versus mode. So instead of waiting any longer, the Super Awesome Hyper Dimension Mega Team (I love typing out the whole name) has launched Supermagical worldwide as of today.

Most first impressions have been positive and if Pro Zombie Soccer is any indication this one will be a hit as well. So head over the app store and check it out now for $0.99