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StarCraft 2 Arcade Feature To Make Early Appearance in Patch 1.5.2

StarCraft 2 has rolled out a new feature this latest patch. Originally intended for Heart of the Swarm, the Arcane Button makes an early appearance in patch 1.5.2. The purpose of the Arcade feature is to enhance the custom games experience.

This new feature allows players to search, filter, review and find games in a much more efficient and smoother manner. When selecting a game, it’ll now have an overview of the map, instructions on how to play, reviews from other players, patch notes from the creator and in some cases, a tutorial.

As someone who lived and breathed on the Warcraft 3 custom game circuit, I can see how these additions would be extremely helpful.

Some of the new search options include listing games based on genre, popularity, star ratings, newness, and recent spikes in popularity. Another option included with the Arcade Button is that players will now be able to see which games are open and how many slots are filled.

Personally, I’m hopeful that these changes will go a long way to improve the custom game experience that StarCraft 2 has been struggling to deliver since its launch.