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Rumor: Remaining Copies of Final Fantasy XIV To Be Destroyed

If the rumor is true then Square Enix is making way for it’s new ‘A Realm Reborn’ by destroying the previous Final Fantasy XIV copies.

A retailer on NeoGaf forums has posted an email stating that Square Enix has issued an order for them to destroy all remaining stock.

Square is discontinuing Final Fantasy XIV. They will be doing a field destroy credit of $16.00 each.

Final Fantasy XIV had a ton of problems when it was first release. It’s intensity caused Square to pull the plug and recall all copies, promising fans that they will now re-create the game into something more presentable. The new version is called ‘A Realm Reborn’ and is slated for release on the PS3 and PC.

It will also remove some content from the previous Final Fantasy XIV game. Square Enix has even said that fans should look at the relaunched title as an entirely new game.

Square Enix has so far declined to comment on the rumor.