Play Borderlands 2 Glorious De-Make in Browser

Gearbox has always been passionate about its own games. Now this passion has made them produce a Demake of their upcoming game, Borderlands 2. This 16-bit version brings forth all the glory of Borderland’s game play.

You get the option of choosing anyone of the four new characters coming up in Borderlands 2 and take on waves of enemies. The enemies get tougher with each completed wave, and you are given cash money that adds to your score. After you expend your three lives, you have the chance to tweet your score, share it on Facebook, or see

Where you land on the leader boards:

Click here to play the game but be warned the servers are taking a hammering so you may have to refresh a few times.

Borderlands 2 is slated for release on September 18 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.