Lord of The Rings Online: Riders Of Rohan Expansion Delayed

Well, if you were eagerly waiting for the new expansion for Lord Of The Rings Online, you will have to wait for a bit longer. Developer Tribune has stated that the expansion “Riders Of Rohan” for its successful MMORPG “Lord Of The Rings Online.”

Now the expansion is set to be released on October 15th.

Executive Producer of the game, Kate Paiz, explained the decision on the company blog in the following words:

The beta has been very successful and the amount and quality of the feedback on our largest expansion ever have been fantastic. Unfortunately, in order to address those issues and meet our expectations for quality we’re going to need more time. As a result, we’ve elected to delay our launch to October 15th

It seems to be a well enough reason to delay the game for a little while.

Those who have pre-ordered the expansion will get 500 Tribune points and a few in-game bonus items and boosts. The points will automatically be added to user’s accounts, while the code for the items will be e-mailed to players, who will be able to redeem them beginning 5th September.

The pre-order bonus items include:

  • 100 per cent XP Boost (1hr)
  • Slayer deed accelerators x1 (60 minimums)
  • +20 per cent renown (three hours)
  • +20 per cent mount speed (one hour)
  • Tome of defense
  • Scroll of finesse