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Final Fantasy Dimensions Offers Old School Play on iDevices

Square-Enix announced today that it will be bringing an “all-new entry” in the Final Fantasy series to your iDevice at the end of this month.

Final Fantasy Dimensions looks to be a re-packaging of the Japanese phone series Final Fantasy Legends which was released back in 2010. 

That definitely shouldn’t be a deterrent for Final Fantasy fans as Dimensions looks to harken back to the series’ roots and tide them over till we can get a new Square RPG worth getting excited over.  Fans may be waiting awhile there, though.

Final Fantasy Dimensions offers a deep job system and turn based combat along with the classic and traditional dark versus light storyline.  Some of the screenshots just solidify this classic aesthetic further, showing off a game that could pass for one of the classics. 

No price has been confirmed as of yet but judging by Square’s other App Store offerings, it will be around the $10 range.