Doodle Jump Update Adds PowerUps and Ninjas

It’s adds a ton of new content including a new ninja theme, several new jumping obstacles, more monsters, and even more power-ups. 

They’ve also introduced a new coin mechanic that allows players to pick up coins while the jump.  The coins they’ve collected can then be used to buy stronger power-ups or costumes that boost certain aspects of Doodle Jump’s iconic avatar.

The costumes are the most interesting and coolest addition to the game.  When you enter the store, you can buy outfits that make you stomp when coming off a jump or make you invisible to monsters.

You can also buy modifiers to existing power-ups, making them faster. There’s even a “head start” cannon as well as a resurrection power-up!

Lima Sky just keeps on releasing staggeringly awesome updates like this one and it’s no wonder that this is one of the first iPhone games people (myself included) fell in love with.  Head on over to you App store and pick it up, if you haven’t already for $0.99.