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Dishonored: New Video Showcases More Sneaking


Bethesda has released another video for their upcoming action-stealth game Dishonored.

This video showcases some more stealth abilities players can use to get out of sticky situations. First up is the ‘Blink’ ability which allows you to travel a short distance. Players can blink to ledges or balconies otherwise unreachable. Spots like these are perfect for ambushing or monitoring patrolling guards.

The narrator in the video points out that the best assassin’s are never seen. Other various ways are shown as well through which you can stay hidden in the shadows.

The powers your main character use in the video are activated with Runes – in-game magical currency – which can be used to unlock and upgrade your abilities.

If the need be you can always dispose off your enemies using other ways which do not require stealth. However, this will also alert the neighboring guards exposing you in the open.

I like the part where you can blow out candles to create more hiding areas in a room.

Dishonored will release in October for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC.